Smart Home Article 2: Early Morning Weather Reminder of Xiaoai Speaker ~~

Creative position statement: The intelligent solution I share is a solution based on my own family situation and the sensors I own. I do not deny that there will be a more appropriate intelligent solution. This solution is only for reference and an example.

“Classmate Ai, how is the weather today”

“It’s raining today, the temperature is 20 ℃, remember to bring an umbrella ~”

Xiao Ai’s reminder of the weather is really a thing that makes people happy, but the problem is that you need to ask her to tell you that happiness is a little discounted. So how do you make Xiaoai classmates actively broadcast the weather to you every day? Prepare to use a body sensor and Xiaoai speakers to solve this problem.

There are many solutions that can achieve this function, such as using door and window sensors to open the door to broadcast the weather; The author came up with this solution for the following reasons: (1) In order to achieve other functions, a human sensor has been arranged in the living room. The same personal sensor will also be used when some functions of subsequent articles are introduced; (2) Xiaoai speakers are placed in In the living room, if the weather is broadcast regularly, people may not hear it when they broadcast the broadcast; (3) I do n’t have that much money to buy more door and window sensors. I set the purpose of smart home and spend the least money to achieve the most functions.

Hardware requirements

1. Mijia human sensor (49 yuan Mijia human sensor white)

小爱音箱的每日早起天气提醒~~Mi home body sensor 59 yuan Xiaomi official website to buy

2.Mijia Gateway

3, Xiaoai speakers (such as 299 yuan (USD $43) Xiaomi Xiaoai speakers Pro Black)

小爱音箱的每日早起天气提醒~~Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Pro 289 yuan (USD $41) Xiaomi official website to buy

Intelligent logic

When Xiaomi’s human body sensor senses that someone is moving in the living room during a certain period of time, Xiaoai speakers automatically report the weather.

This logic is simple, but the problem lies in the trigger mechanism of the human sensor. If the intelligent command triggers the broadcast of the weather for someone to move, then the human sensor will report the weather when someone senses it, and it will continue to broadcast. If you are always in the sensing area of the body sensor, it will be broadcast once every one minute. At that time, you will not know if you are happy, but it is annoying.

So you need to add a logic to broadcast only once a day. You need to use smart commands to shut yourself down, and then use a smart command to start the broadcast program regularly.

Smart settings


It should be noted that the effective time period, the estimated time you get up every day, or the time period you want to broadcast, because the broadcast only once a day, so the start time setting is more critical.

When Xiaoai Speaker selects a custom command, the text you enter is equivalent to what you and Xiaoai classmates say.

Finally, after adding a broadcast report, close it yourself, so that you can ensure that the broadcast is closed only once, until the next time it is opened. When you first write, save it, and then add and close the instruction.


Enter “weather” in the instruction, and choose “No” for silent execution, otherwise Xiao Ai can only meditate in his heart, and then you and the two are telepathic.


Initialize the program, use the timer function, open the program that broadcasts the weather every morning, and you can achieve the daily broadcast.

experience feelings

There are no shortcomings in the current use, and it works well. PS: At present, the author hears them in a dream, and my mother gets up at this point. She thought it was ok.

be careful

If there are multiple people in the family, and each person has different hours of work, you can lengthen the time period for broadcasting the weather, and then add multiple initialization time points to the initialization. For example, my mother gets up between five and six, and I am seven When you get up at eight o’clock, you can add an initialization point at seven o’clock. At seven o’clock, you open the broadcast program again, and when you sense someone, you will broadcast again.

There are also some intelligent scenarios, such as washing time to broadcast the weather or news, as long as someone uses the human body sensor to trigger a mobile broadcast command. You need to pay attention to the problem of multiple induction and then multiple triggers, and the problem of broadcasting once every one minute.

to sum up

I can broadcast the weather to you on time every day, reminding you of the changes in the weather, absolutely full of happiness ~~

Of course, this extension is developed, and the intelligence that allows Xiaoai to do only one thing per day with human sensors can be written like this.