Smart purchase: how to choose a terminal weapon suitable for you in the 5G era

2020 is the year when 5G terminals begin to spread. After the start of the year, major manufacturers have launched their own 5G mobile phones. The competition in the domestic 5G mobile phone market also kicked off in advance. In addition to the appearance of the configuration, each product also has its own characteristics, the main directions are not the same, so some friends who want to start 5G mobile phones at this time, should How to choose a 5G "weapon" that really suits you?

Last year, 5G was officially put into commercial use by operators, and the deployment of domestic 5G networks has also entered the fast lane. Fast network connections have also led to the demand for large and high-definition videos. Video shooting and sharing has become an important user demand direction in the early days of 5G.

On March 23, ZTE again launched a new product in the 5G market-ZTE Tianji Axon 11. This ZTE Axon 11 has three features: high appearance value, strong 5G performance, and comprehensive upgrade of video and image functions.

The thinnest 5G phone

First of all, the appearance of ZTE Axon 11's entire machine shows a high level of workmanship. The curved and glass-like body is more in line with the mainstream aesthetics of the public. The excessive smoothness between the glass back and the metal middle frame naturally provides a comfortable grip. In terms of appearance, design, and workmanship, ZTE has shown its sincerity in this product.

After supporting 5G, mobile phones need to be upgraded in terms of chips and antennas, as well as design. In contrast, this year's 5G products have a high body weight, coupled with the large body size, there will inevitably be some "hand pressing" in the hand. It feels that the overall weight of ZTE Axon 11 is controlled at 168g, which is currently the lightest 5G mobile phone product. The weight in the hand feels moderate. For those "appearance party" users who pay attention to design and holding experience It is a very good choice.

Snapdragon 765G mobile platform guarantees 5G performance

ZTE Axon 11 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G mobile processing platform, adopts the most advanced 5G SoC solution, integrates Snapdragon X52 modem and RF system, and supports SA + NSA 5G dual-module network. The 5G module is integrated inside the SoC. Compared with earlier discrete 5G solutions, it has higher integration, smaller size, and power consumption. 5G integrated chip solution, AP and Modem are directly connected through the system bus, the data exchange rate between each other is faster and more efficient.

ZTE Axon 11 continues the high-end technical point of ZTE's mobile phone terminal and goes further than the previous generation in signal indicators. At the same time, there are also slight differences in the platform. There is more room for adjustment in the performance scheme, the overall indicators are better, and they are more cost-effective.

Easy to use for shooting clips

As the initial stage of 5G development, ZTE believes that video, AR, and VR are general applications of 5G without any controversy and are also the general trend of technological development. ZTE Axon 11 not only guarantees comprehensive functions to users, but also optimizes video shooting and editing functions.

In terms of hardware, ZTE Axon 11 has four AI cameras, a 64-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel 120-degree wide-angle camera, a 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens, and a 2-megapixel macro lens to provide a full-scene shooting experience. In terms of unique features, one is 4K 60-frame video shooting; the other is the main camera and wide-angle dual-way image stabilization. In terms of video editing, two points are highlighted, one is that the most versatile functions remain the most complete, and the other is the easiest to use. Overall, ZTE Axon 11 is a comprehensive and easy-to-use 5G video phone.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the establishment of ZTE. After years of research and development, I believe that ZTE has deep accumulation in the field of communications and will continue to innovate in the future. At present, ZTE's terminal with video as its main development direction will continue to invest in video algorithms. In the future, it will focus on the two development directions of communication capabilities and video algorithms to provide consumers with better 5G products.

It is important that in the early days when 5G terminals were just popularized, price and cost have always been a major factor restricting users' purchases. 5G flagships around 4,000 yuan (USD $571) have also discouraged many users, and ZTE Axon 11 started at 2698 yuan (USD $385) . The price has undoubtedly lowered this threshold, allowing more users to experience the 5G network well. At present, ZTE Tianji Axon 11 has been opened for pre-sale in Tmall. Interested friends can click this link to view "ZTE Tianji Axon 11 Presale Link"