Smart technology SDS gameingbar is designed flexibly to create customized game experience

Since the advent of smart phones, the way we interact with smartphones has always been through the touch screen. During this period, although the size and shape of the screen have changed a lot, the screen and physical buttons have become the default operation mode of mobile devices. In recent years, with the emergence and development of the category of game phones, the addition of touchable shoulder key has also broken this limitation. Recently, with the release of Rog game phone 3 and Lenovo’s rescuer E-sports mobile phone, the touch interaction of the border shoulder key has reached a new height.

At present, the border touch technology, represented by the ultrasonic high-precision touch platform of Pantone technology, enables smart device manufacturers such as mobile phones and wearable devices to break through the existing control schemes of physical buttons and touch screens, and can extend the interactive interface to any device shape and surface material, bringing new interactivity to mobile devices, and bringing users, developers and manufacturers from this point of view Some of the restrictions of the past. Xiantong technology adopts the solution of ultrasonic wave, and provides corresponding sensors and control chips. By capturing the reflection change of ultrasonic wave after sending out, it can judge what has happened in the process, and then make feedback on the interface. Because ultrasonic wave can be transmitted through metal, glass, wood and other media, material is no longer an obstacle to interaction. Recently, Xiantong technology also held an online media exchange meeting to introduce its latest SDS gamingbar ultrasonic technology.

There are many problems in the operation of traditional full screen mobile phones in the long-term horizontal screen game experience, especially through the interactive operation of touch screen, it is easy to cause misoperation in the killing process due to sweating and other reasons. The use of plug-in Bluetooth handle may not play a good auxiliary role in the process of external connection due to screen blocking or connection interference. Xiantong technology released SDS this year Gamingbar ultrasonic technology can turn the side border of traditional mobile phones into sensitive touch buttons. According to the needs of partners, it can support six modes of operation, such as click, press, squeeze or gesture. At the end of July, the two game phones ASUS Rog game mobile phone 3 and Lenovo savior E-sports mobile phone have adopted the SDS of videocom technology Gamingbar ultrasonic technology.

Besides mobile phones, SDS gaming bar is also suitable for other application scenarios

In addition to the SDS gamingbar technology used on smart phones, it is also used in other application scenarios. At present, because of the huge market of mobile phones, life can not be separated from it. Through the deployment of SDS gameingbar, not only can more touch button operations be realized in the game, but also the operation of sliding and zooming and touch shooting when taking pictures. Of course, in addition to mobile phones, SDS gameingbar can also be used in many different occasions to enhance human-computer interaction. Some scenes requiring interaction can be realized, such as the Internet of things. The Internet of things also has many different products in the home, which can be deployed to improve the interactive experience.

SDS gamingbar is different from traditional capacitive touch button solutions

In addition to the ultrasonic solution, there are game phone products using the traditional capacitive touch button program. This is done in conjunction with capacitive touch and pressure sensors, which are usually used on glass and plastic materials. However, the vast majority of mobile phone frame and back cover are made of metal material, and the capacitive touch button can not be used in metal material, which also restricts many mobile phones to adopt this solution. What’s more important is that capacitive touch buttons can’t accurately identify the pressure, but judging the difference between placing fingers on the border and hitting the border is not possible. Therefore, there are some problems in the accuracy recognition and applicable materials of touch buttons of capacitors.

Airtiger 2×2 shoulder key for Rog game phone 3

The SDS gamingbar ultrasonic technology of infocom technology adopts the solution of tactile driving first and then pressure sensing, which can support the identification of up to 32 sensors at present. The technology uses the sdswave processor to monitor all actions from sensors on the phone, process the instruction set, and then collect ultrasonic feedback through sensors under the metal frame. SDS gamingbar ultrasonic technology breaks through the limitation of capacitive touch button for the use of materials, and the location of chip installation will not be restricted. It can be compatible with most of the current mainstream smart phones.

  SDS Gamingbar ultrasonic technology can also identify the tiny touch pressure, and judge whether the user’s fingers are in the state of natural placement or knocking and touching. With the function of pressure identification, we don’t need to keep fingers up all the time when playing games to prevent accidental touch of keys. In the game, we can naturally rest the fingers on the mobile phone frame and tap them when we need to use them Press it. Through finger rest function, it realizes the difference of pressing pressure, which brings users a more natural experience. The compatibility problem is solved by ultrasonic wave and motion recognition sensor.

Lenovo rescuer E-sports mobile phone

When it comes to the problem of accidental touch, I believe that many game players have encountered this problem. After a long time of use, they sweat on their hands. If they touch the button with a capacitor, it will be difficult to distinguish the difference between sweat and fingers. Therefore, there is a high probability of accidental touch. It is obvious that they press the button and shoot a lot of guns. The knocking, pressing, sliding and other operations of SDS gamingbar ultrasonic technology are collected through the sensors below, and are collected to the SDS wave processor for programmed batch processing. The problem of misoperation is greatly reduced.

Mobile phone design highly integrated SDS gamingbar provides flexible deployment possibilities

At present, 5g mobile phones have more antenna design requirements because they support more signal spectrum. With the development of 5g mobile phones, the design of internal space of mobile phones has become limited, which puts forward higher requirements for the deployment and design of touch shoulder key.

Aiming at the above challenges, Xiantong technology provides ultrasonic feedback solutions for most mobile phone frames on the market, which can be realized by setting ultrasonic sensor and SDS wave processor on the back or even inside the mobile phone according to customer needs. Due to the characteristics of ultrasonic, the sensor can receive signals at any position on the back of the fuselage, which makes the deployment of SDS gamingbar ultrasonic technology more flexible.

At present, the ultrasonic technology of SDS gamingbar is mainly used in mobile phones, and the touch gesture can be captured by the sensor, and more operations can be derived from the pressing operation. According to different customer needs, Xiantong technology can customize more abundant ultrasonic technology solutions for customers, so that players can get the touch operation experience incomparable with other products.