Snapdragon 875, 775G running points are exposed in advance: performance skyrocket

This week, Qualcomm Technologies announced that it will live broadcast the 2020 Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit at 11:00 pm on December 1st and December 2nd, Beijing time. A new generation of Snapdragon 5G flagship mobile platforms will be released at that time, including flagships. Snapdragon 875 and sub-flagship Snapdragon 775G, etc.

Today, the blogger @数码闲聊站 revealed that the sm8350 (ie Snapdragon 875) currently test prototype runs around 740,000 points, which is about 23.3% higher than the default frequency of Snapdragon 865, which is in line with expectations; and sm7350 (ie Snapdragon 775G) ) At present, the running score of the tested prototype is around 530,000, which is 65.6% higher than the performance of the previous generation Snapdragon 765G, and the improvement is particularly significant.

According to previously exposed information, the Snapdragon 875 will be built on Samsung’s 5nm EUV process, using one 2.84GHz X1 super core + three 2.42GHz A78 large cores + four 1.8GHz A55 small core architectures, integrated with Adreno 660 GPU and the latest X60 baseband, power consumption is expected to be greatly reduced.

The Snapdragon 775G will likely be Qualcomm’s first chip using Samsung’s 6nm EUV process, consisting of four 2.4GHz A77s and four A55s, with a huge performance increase, or positioned as Qualcomm’s flagship rather than mid-end.