Snapdragon is committed to Wi Fi 6 technology innovation to empower future life

In today’s increasingly developed science and technology, the change of human life is always looking for the footprints of technological progress. The progress of network technology can be said to have a very great impact on human society. When it comes to network technology, Wi Fi 6 is the most popular hot spot. It is estimated that by 2023, the shipment of wi-fi6 chips will account for about 90% of the total shipment. In the future, Wi Fi 6 will have a great impact on our lives.

As a Wi Fi platform supplier, Qualcomm has always been committed to promoting the progress of Wi Fi 6 technology and the popularization of devices. In China joy, which just finished its curtain, Qualcomm showed many new technologies and new devices about Wi Fi 6, enabling people to have a deeper understanding of Wi Fi 6.

Wi Fi 6 is officially launched

An obvious sign of the popularity of Wi Fi 6 is that more and more networks and terminal devices support Wi Fi 6. There is no need to say much about mobile phones. With the powerful connectivity of fastconnect 6800, Wi Fi 6 support has become the highlight of mobile phones equipped with snapdragon 865 mobile platform this year. Among Android flagship models, the choice of Qualcomm platform accounts for the highest proportion. Therefore, we can say that Wi Fi 6 has been popularized on high-end mobile phones.

The support of mobile phones is no longer a problem. As an important node in conventional wireless networks, and even the hub of many small and home wireless networks, routers have become another focus of attention.

At present, the Wi Fi 6 router products on the market are also very rich, and the manufacturers we are familiar with have launched their own Wi Fi 6 replacement products. Users with high budget can directly choose flagship models such as rbk825 and ASUS ax89x to get the best network experience, but users with lower budget also have 360 Wi Fi 6 whole house routing, sky V6 and a series of millet based Wi Fi 6 routes.

Among them, the three products of redmi router ax5, Xiaomi router ax1800 and Xiaomi aiot router ax3600, which not only bring vitality to users at low and medium price, but also reverse the previous poor network evaluation of Xiaomi router and improve the reputation.

It is not difficult for us to find that the three Xiaomi Wi Fi 6 routers, as well as the flagship products we mentioned above, are not without the familiar name of Qualcomm behind the good experience. Before wondering why these products choose Qualcomm, maybe we should first take a brief look at the Wi Fi network itself.

There are always traces of technological progress

The growing network demand of human beings urges the progress of Wi Fi technology. With the improvement of mobile phone performance, Wi Fi network also has a broader use of scenarios, such as audio and video streaming transmission, location-based services, application download, etc., which need more stable and faster network support.

As early as 2006, there was the first mobile Wi Fi solution on the market, and the number of Wi Fi chipsets shipped in 2010 reached 500 million. In the first half of 2011, the first time that the mobile chip manufacturers will use WiFi in the market has been introduced. In the first and second half of 2011, the mobile chip manufacturers have begun to make the market share of WiFi.

The technology of high pass Wi Fi 6

Technological progress and demand always complement each other. Although the mainstream Wi Fi 5 has been quite mature after years of development, the demand of users today can not be compared with that of 2012. People need faster, lower latency and larger volume network, so Wi Fi 6 emerges as the times require.

Qualcomm started early and developed rapidly in the field of wi-fi6. In 2017, it became the first manufacturer to launch Wi Fi 6 network solutions. By 2018, its second-generation Wi Fi 6 solutions had already been launched. It has a series of networking Pro 400 / 600 / 800 / 1200 series products. They can support up to 8-way spatial data streams, and the peak speed is as high as 4.1gbps.

As for the fastconnect system we mentioned earlier, it is the integrated advanced connectivity subsystem of Qualcomm, which provides Wi Fi, Bluetooth and other non cellular connectivity technologies for snapdragon mobile and computing platforms. The latest generation of solution supporting Wi Fi 6 for mobile terminals is fastconnect 6800, which supports advanced Wi Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 features. It also has the advantages of end-to-end Wi Fi 6 connectivity in combination with Qualcomm’s own networking Pro Series platform.

In addition, fastconnect 6800 also supports MU-MIMO with 8×8 data stream detection mechanism, which can maximize the processing capacity of all antennas on the Wi Fi 6 network side, and the data stream sent by the network side can also be utilized to the maximum extent. Compared with the 4-channel detection scheme, it can significantly improve the network capacity. Fastconnect 6800 also uses 1024-qam modulation. Compared with Wi Fi 5, the maximum network throughput can be increased to 25%. At 2.4GHz, it can support 40MHz bandwidth by default, so the fastest rate can reach 574mbps.

With the complete support of the key features of Wi Fi 6, with the increasing demand for networking, the high-speed data rate of a single terminal and wider coverage can be supported by the Qualcomm Wi Fi 6 solution. Therefore, we can see that both mobile phones and routers have become the preferred platform for manufacturers.

&Nbsp; Wi Fi 6e

Prior to this, Qualcomm also released a full series of Wi Fi 6e solutions, which are the upgraded version of the second generation networking Pro Series, mainly including four series of networking pro1610 / 1210 / 810 / 610, which extends the Wi Fi 6e spectrum to 6GHz band, so the performance improvement is also quite obvious. Wi fi 6e has a bit speed of several thousand megabytes, higher bandwidth and lower delay.

Larger capacity to adapt to the comprehensive popularization of intelligent terminals. Wi Fi 6e expands the frequency band to 6GHz. The most practical use is to make more terminals connect at the same time. Whether it is at home or in crowded places, Wi Fi 6e can give you faster and more stable network links.

The multi-user architecture is specially optimized for high-density environment. Wi Fi 6e adopts MU-MIMO and OFDMA multi-user architecture. Among them, MU-MIMO single channel can support 8 users, OFDMA can support 38 users. Wi Fi 6e specially optimizes the current use environment and uses the development trend of multi-user terminals and high population density.

Network speed can reach thousands of megabytes, comparable to wired connection. The improvement of network speed may be more obvious to ordinary users. The speed of Wi Fi 6e can reach 3.6 Gbps, basically reaching the level of gigabit network speed. In addition, Wi Fi 6e also has 4K QAM modulation technology, which can improve the data throughput capacity by about 20% compared with 1K QAM of Wi Fi 5.

Wi-fi6 will empower future life

In terms of the current development situation, by 2022, the usage of mobile traffic will be 7 times that of 2017, and the video playback volume of mobile traffic will also increase from 1 / 2 in 2017 to 4 / 5. Therefore, in 2022, wireless transmission will account for 70% of all IP traffic, and 59% of mobile data will be diverted.

So wi-fi6 will also enable our life with advanced technology. In the future, we will enjoy fiber-optic data transmission rate, low delay supporting real-time interaction, large capacity supporting unlimited data, and new ways to interact with network and environment. Wi-fi6 will also play an important role in entertainment, transportation, cloud computing, Internet of things, virtual reality and many other fields.