SONOS sued Google on suspicion of stealing patent technology of wireless playing of smart speaker

SONOS, an American speaker company, sued Google on Tuesday, saying it used its patented technology that allows multiple smart speakers to play music wirelessly in different rooms without authorization.

Companies like Google and Amazon have taken over SONOS by selling smart speakers. They have developed smart speakers that allow consumers to connect and play the same song or different music in each room of their home. “Google has been an important partner in our successful cooperation for many years, including bringing Google assistant to the SONOS platform last year,” SONOS said. However, Google has been openly and deliberately copying our patented technology when it created its audio products. Despite our efforts over the past few years, Google has shown no willingness to work with us to find mutually beneficial solutions. We have no choice but to sue for the protection of intellectual property rights, customers and the innovative spirit that defined SONOS from the beginning. ”

In a lawsuit filed with the Los Angeles District Court on Tuesday, SONOS said that in 2013, when the two companies cooperated to bring Google’s streaming music service to SONOS speakers, Google mastered the patented technology of SONOS. &”As early as 2013, Google has integrated Google play music into the SONOS platform through cooperation with SONOS, so as to obtain the multi room broadcast patent of SONOS patent. But just two years later, Google began to deliberately infringe the patent of SONOS, launching the first multi room wireless audio product chromecast audio in 2015. Since 2015, as Google has expanded its wireless multi room audio system to more than a dozen different infringing products, Google has increasingly embezzled the patented technology of SONOS. ”

SONOS also said in the lawsuit that Google not only copied the company’s patented technology, but also & ldquo; subsidized the price of its patent infringing products & rdquo;. SONOS wireless sound usually costs hundreds of dollars, while Google’s more affordable smart speaker costs only 35 dollars.

A Google spokesman said: “over the years, we have had many ongoing conversations with SONOS about the intellectual property rights of the two companies, and we are disappointed that SONOS filed these lawsuits rather than continued negotiations in good faith. We challenge these claims and will defend ourselves. ”

SONOS is known for making and selling portable speakers, which allow people to easily play music in different rooms of their homes. Since then, Google and Amazon have introduced smart speakers that can do the same thing. Although SONOS is not suing Amazon at the moment, it also hinted in the lawsuit that the company also infringed its patent. Foreign media reported that SONOS did not want to risk suing Google and Amazon at the same time.

&”The echo devices and our multi room playback technology are independently developed by Amazon,” an Amazon spokesman said. &”Our focus is to create the best Alexa experience for our customers and partners. In fact, Alexa brings billions of dollars to the developer and device manufacturer communities. ”

SONOS speakers also use Google’s and Amazon’s smart speakers. Some of its more modern products let users choose to talk to Google assistant or Alexa. (compiled by Tencent technology / Mingxuan)