Sony India confirms the delayed release of the PS5 digital version: accessories only include DualSense controllers and remote controls

A few days ago, the official Twitter of Sony PlayStation India recently released information that the new Sony PS5 game console will start pre-sale on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms and Sony offline stores on January 12, local time, and will start on February 2. It will officially go on sale today. However, there is the latest news. Recently, there have been reports that Sony India has postponed the release of the PS5 digital version, while the CD-ROM version will be released as usual.


According to the latest information posted on Twitter by well-known overseas whistleblowers, the release time of the digital version of the Sony PS5 game console has been postponed. It is worth noting that IGN India has also verified this news through retailers, so the news has A certain degree of reliability, and at the same time, the release of the DualSense wireless charging station, PULSE3D wireless headset, high-definition camera and other ancillary equipment, which means that Indian players can buy only the DualSense controller and remote control at the beginning of the release. .

In terms of other parameters, the PS5 series provides two versions of optical drive and digital version without optical drive, equipped with AMD’s custom 8-core Zen 2 CPU 3.5GHz (support frequency conversion). The graphics card is AMD’s custom GPU with RDNA2 architecture. The frequency is up to 2.23GHz, supports 10.28 trillion floating-point operations per second, supports 120Hz/8K output, 3D sound effects, etc., and can be directly backward compatible with PS4 games. In addition, the company’s CEO Jim Ryan also confirmed that among the thousands of backward-compatible PS4 games, “99%” of the games can be played on the PS5, and the expected lifespan of the PS4 is up to 4 years.


Although the CD-ROM version may only be released this time, it can at least meet the needs of some Indian players, and the Chinese Mainland License version that we are eager to see is still not heard. According to the previous information, the PS5 of the Bank of China has obtained 3C certification, and there is news that the machine is expected to be officially launched on January 21, but the official has not confirmed it. More detailed information, we will wait and see.