Sony makes major adjustments again! It ’s a great way to improve product development while reducing expenses

In a news release on March 27, Sony announced in a press release yesterday that it would establish an intermediate holding company, “Sony Electronics,” which will take effect on April 1.

Sony Electronics will consist of the Electronic Products and Solutions (“EP & S”) segment (imaging products and solutions, home entertainment and sound, and mobile communications) and related global sales and marketing, manufacturing, logistics, procurement, and engineering platforms.

On April 1, last year, Sony officially merged the mobile division, audiovisual entertainment division, and imaging division to form the Electronic Products and Solutions Division. Sony originally planned to use departmental integration to improve the communication between various departments, hoping to help strengthen the performance of all aspects of the product and focus the advantages between the various departments together.

Now Sony seems to want to strengthen this management concept. The combination of the Electronic Products and Solutions Division and sales, manufacturing, purchasing, and logistics into an independent company will better promote product development. In this way, while Sony can improve product development efficiency, it can also reduce expenses by merging and reducing unnecessary personnel.