Sony PS5 games consume 200W, but the loading speed of old games is not ideal

Recently, Microsoft Xbox Series X has been on sale in many countries, and Sony PS5 will also start its first sale tomorrow. This host not only has better configuration and performance, but is also compatible with almost all PS4 games, which should be quite attractive to players.

With the arrival of the first sale, more details of the PS5 have been exposed one after another, including the performance of the game power consumption and loading time.

According to the test conducted by the foreign media "Shu Maoshe", the power consumption of the PS5 reached 200W when running "Spider-Man: Miles Morales". In contrast, PS4 Pro consumes about 150W when running games at 4K resolution, which means that the actual power consumption of PS5 may be about 50W higher than the previous generation.

However, the power consumption of 200W is not that high, basically the level of a high-end gaming notebook. Compared with the 300-400W power consumption of gaming desktop mobile phones, PS5 is actually very power-efficient.

In addition, according to GameSpot's test, PS5's game loading speed is not as fast as everyone thinks. For example, in games such as "Final Fantasy 15" and "Monster Hunter: World", PS5 takes longer than Xbox Series X to start the game or load the archive from the menu to the playable state.

However, it should be noted that the above tests are all old games, and various news also indicate that the backward compatibility of Xbox Series X is better.

The PS5's high-speed solid-state hard drives perform well in optimized new games, such as shorter game loading times and fast scene switching in the picture above.