Sony Xperia 20 appearance rendering exposure: symmetrical double digging holes, see you for the first time

Sony is one of the few or only companies that have insisted on not using special-shaped screens on flagship phones, and even exclusively created a 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio and 4K resolution movie screen.

However, the latest renderings exposed on the Internet show that the suspected Xperia 20 mobile phone has actually adopted a novel method of opening a hole on the left and right upper corners.

It seems that the phone also uses three shots centered on the back, which has a certain degree of family continuity.

Frankly speaking, from the perspective of the quality of the rendering, the PS trace is quite heavy, and the credibility index on Slashleaks is only 50%.

The current mainstream trend in the industry is that if you want to maximize the screen-to-body ratio while integrating multiple cameras and multiple sensors on the front, digging holes is the best solution at the moment. After all, from an aesthetic point of view, an “injury” is better than Sony. “Breaking holes” is strong.

Of course, Sony mobile phones have always been maverick and focused on making “small and beautiful”. From this perspective, it seems to be understandable to do some tentative exploration.