Sony's 5 major series TVs are listed in China, all of them are equipped with X1 chip as standard

Sony China held an online press conference tonight in the form of an online press conference. Mr. Takahashi Takahashi, the chairman of Sony China, attended the press conference and officially announced the details of several new products of the Z8H, A8H, X9000H, X9500 and X8000. Specifications and prices of some products.

This year's new Sony TV products all use the latest design language that focuses on the "immersive" experience. All of them are equipped with X1 graphics chips, of which high-end models use X1 flagship chips. In addition, the entire range of products supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and the highest-end Z8H also supports the latest IMAX Enhanced standard.

Among them, the new 8K Z8H is suitable for people who want a high-quality home theater experience. The X9500H focuses on people who like to watch sports events. The X8000H is mainly for gamers who need high refresh rates. The new OLED A8H has good eye protection. , Has become the first choice for students to take online classes at home.

In addition to X8000H, other new products released this time are equipped with full-array backlight, Terry Charm display technology and full-array backlight, and the frame sound is added to the screen sound, which can make the sound effect more immersive and shocking.

In terms of software, all the products released this time are equipped with the native Android 9.0 tv version system, which can be freely installed APP, adopts a newly designed remote control, supports AI voice control, smart projection screen, smart home access, free installation of video apps, etc. .

In addition, it can also link with multiple brands of AIoT products and IoT products, and Sony promises that there will be no ads on TVs.

In terms of price, the Z8H with the highest positioning has two models of 85 inches and 75 inches. The starting prices are 79999 yuan (USD $11428) and 49999 yuan (USD $7143) respectively. The X9500H series is available in 55, 65, and 75 inches, and the prices are 7999, 12999, and 20999 yuan (USD $3000) . The X8000H series sells for 75-inch and 85-inch for 9999 yuan (USD $1428) and 17,999 yuan (USD $2571) , respectively.

The detailed configuration and price of the entire series of products will be updated to Sony's official website in the near future, you can go to find out the details.