Sony's custom sensor + four cameras at all focal lengths, Reno5 Pro + image strength climbs again

On December 10th, OPPO officially launched the new Reno5 series, which continued the light, thin and high-value features of the Reno series, and added the water lens and AI radiant video beauty function. Consumers’ love. After half a month, a more powerful Reno5 Pro+ in all aspects was finally released on the 24th. It is equipped with the IMX766 sensor jointly customized by OPPO and Sony, and is matched with the Snapdragon 865 high-performance chip, which brings brand new images and games. breakthrough. At the same time, the body still maintains the characteristics of lightness, thinness and fashion, perfect combination of high performance and craftsmanship, bringing the extraordinary experience of a truly super big cup.

OPPO and Sony jointly developed the IMX766 sensor this time. It has a 1/1.56 inch outsole and 50 million high pixels. It supports four-in-one aggregation into 2um large pixels. The combination of outsole and high pixels further increases the amount of light and light. It can also shoot clear and bright works in extremely dark light environments such as night scenes. Sony IMX766 also supports full-pixel omnidirectional focusing, AI tracking focus lock technology, has a more accurate, fast, three-dimensional focusing speed, and can detect and recognize faces, pets, flowers and other subjects in real time during video shooting, and automatically track Focus and lock focus tracking, and AI motion trend prediction function is added to ensure that the subject is clear and not out of focus during video shooting.

This Sony IMX766 sensor also supports DOL-HDR for the first time, adopting a “quasi-simultaneous” method for short and long exposure sampling. The long and short exposures are performed in a nearly overlapping manner, which shortens the interval between long and short exposures to better solve the problem. “Motion residual phase” and other issues, to achieve a clear and natural shooting effect. With the support of this Sony IMX766 sensor, the overall image strength of Reno5 Pro+ has been greatly improved, and it has a stronger capture ability. It can take clear and vivid photos at hand, and it also reduces the difficulty of video shooting, allowing you to shoot the subject more easily High-quality videos that stand out without losing focus.

In addition to the help of Sony IMX766, Reno5 Pro+ is also equipped with a four-camera system at all focal lengths, and AI phantom video beauty function. Front 3200W pixel Selfie lens + rear 50 million pixel four-shot at all focal lengths, with eight-fold 100-level video beautification and professional beauty multi-person beautification function, so that you can present the most natural and vivid photos or portrait videos The side. In addition, Reno5 Pro+ also supports AI video enhancement, video super anti-shake 3.0, ultra-wide-angle, zoom and other rich shooting modes, bringing you more creative shooting possibilities, allowing you to truly appreciate the image strength of Reno5 Pro+ super cup.

Not only that, Reno5 Pro+ has also been upgraded in many other aspects. It is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, equipped with a large storage combination of up to 12GB+256GB, and a three-dimensional liquid cooling system is added to the fuselage, which can be more powerful. And stable performance, coupled with a 90Hz high-sensitivity curved screen, enhance the fluency and immersion of the game experience. Reno5 Pro+ also increases the battery capacity to 4500mAh, with a series of power-saving optimization programs that can satisfy a whole day of use and battery life, and the 65W super flash charging technology provides fast blood recovery ability, and there is no need to worry about battery life when enjoying games and shooting. problem.

Reno5 Pro+ achieves the first-class image and performance in the current industry, and it is stuffed with a large 4500mAh battery, but the body still continues the genes of the Reno series of light and thin, stylish design. The weight of the whole machine is about 184g, the thickness is 7.99mm, and the feel is It’s also very thin and light, so it won’t be too burdensome to shoot videos and play games for a long time. The body also introduces a new star diamond craft material, and launches the colorful and changeable Galaxy Dream, and the calm texture of the floating night shadow two versions, pushing the appearance and craftsmanship of the phone to a new level. Reno5 Pro+ can be said to be a perfect combination of gaming-grade hardware configuration with a thin and light body. There is nothing wrong with it. It is really necessary to experience the machine firsthand and give you a bright surprise.