South Carolina lite Pro VS Edifier dreampods, which one is better?

Since the birth of the headset, it has been loved by many people, and with the continuous development of technology, the headset has gradually become a necessary electronic product in daily life, especially after the introduction of wireless Bluetooth headset, which makes people It is more convenient to listen to music in daily life, and you no longer have to worry about the shackles of the headphone cable.

As an audiophile, I have also experienced a lot of headphones, but the prices are too high for big brands such as Apple, Audio-Technica, and Sony, and there are always people around me who want me to recommend cheap styles.

Here are two models with a price of 100 yuan (USD $14) , with better performance and configuration. They are the South Carolina lite Pro Bluetooth headset and Edifier Dreampods. Today I will tell you about these two Bluetooth headsets and test their performance. The configuration is as follows, let’s take a look first.


1. First look at the appearance:

This South Carolina Lite Pro can be regarded as a comprehensive upgrade of lite. The charging compartment adopts an oblate design and looks like a pebble. A strip of silver chrome traverses between the cover and the body, which adds a lot to the overall beauty. The South Carolina logo is printed on the front of the charging compartment. Below the logo is a vertical power indicator light, which is white when the battery is full, and red when the battery is low. Below the charging compartment is a Type-c power interface.

The earphone adopts a semi-in-ear design. Compared with a full-in ear earphone, it is relatively more comfortable to wear, and there is no obvious ear bulge after long-term wear. At the same time, the three-point support design also makes it more stable to wear. The charging method still uses a magnetic suction type, and the headset will be automatically charged when aligned with the card slot. In addition, South Carolina lite Pro also has IPX5 level of dust and water resistance, which can resist light dust and splashes in life.


The overall design of the Edifier DreamPods Bluetooth headset is a fuchsia color as the main color. This color scheme gives people a feeling of enthusiasm, and this color gives the headset a noble and atmospheric feeling. I really love this color too much. !

The earphone compartment uses a square box design, with the Edifier’s exclusive logo printed on the top, and the overall polished shiny surface design makes it slippery and comfortable to touch.

The charging compartment of the Edifier’s DreamPods Bluetooth headset uses a Type-C charging interface. The wireless charging can be charged when you put it down, which is simple and convenient. It supports IP54 waterproof and dustproof, sports sweating, no need to be afraid of rain and water, which can be described as a good news for sports enthusiasts.