South Carolina Lite true wireless headset evaluation: hundred yuan true wireless

The continuous development of true wireless Bluetooth headsets has gradually evolved various monsters and monsters. Many true wireless Bluetooth headsets have gradually become power banks, flashlights or speakers. These functions are not only impractical, but also increase the cost of the headset and change its portability. It’s very bad. Therefore, a good headset must use the cost to the most intuitively felt by the user, such as sound quality and feel. The headset must be a headset without being anything else. Recently, I started with a true wireless headset from South Carolina LITE. , This headset gives me the feeling that “put the cost where it should be”.

As long as it is a new product that is bought, the most direct impression is the outer packaging. The quality of a packaging directly determines the user’s first impression of the product. The packaging of South Carolina LITE should be the best looking at the same price. Yes, or the packaging box with the strongest sense of ritual, when opening the package, it always gives me the feeling of opening a gift. ↓

The outer packaging is a pull-out design, and the inner packaging uses a diagonally cut gift box design. When opened, it is like opening a box with a diamond ring. On the front of the package, you will see the words “Sound of Heart” printed on the box, and then you will see the main unit of the headset lying quietly in the center of the box. In addition to South Carolina LITE (host), it also includes a Type-C data cable and a manual. Since South Carolina LITE is a semi-in-ear earphone, there is no need to replace earplugs, so no earplugs are shipped.

The design of South Carolina Lite is very beautiful. The whole machine uses bright black and looks very beautiful. The only downside is that this shiny black is easier to contaminate fingerprints in summer, especially after exercise. South Carolina’s LOGO is located on the headphone cover, and the bottom part shows the battery level of the charging compartment and the headphone. Since the earphone is made of plastic material, the weight of the earphone + earphone compartment is only 4g, and it feels very light whether it is worn or put in a pocket.

Here is to mention the feel of the switch in the earphone compartment. The switch in the earphone compartment of South Carolina Lite still has no damping feeling. The switch always gives people a loose feeling. Relatively speaking, the hand feel is not so comfortable. However, Nanka lite uses a Hall switch. As long as the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on, the headset will be automatically connected to the headset when the headset cover is opened. There is no need to take out the headset and wait for the headset to connect. This small design has a great user experience. The improvement is very big.

Let’s talk about the earphone part of South Carolina Lite. The earphone of South Carolina Lite uses a semi-in-ear design. The overall material is the same as the outer packaging. It uses plastic material. The weight of the earphone is very light. No feeling of wearing. And South Carolina lite uses a three-point support design, which makes the earphone and ear fit very high, and it is measured that there is no problem of the earphone slipping when running.

In terms of sound quality, the sound quality of South Carolina lite should be the best in the same price range. The 13mm large size unit retains better sound quality. Coupled with the decoding of Qualcomm 3023 chip, it can be said that South Carolina lite should be at the same price. The earphone with the best sound quality among the earphones can be described as the steady bass and louder treble. And Qualcomm’s Bluetooth 5.0 provides a stable connection for the headset, and the ceramic antenna makes the Nanka lite have a stable connection quality within 15 meters, and there is currently no problem of disconnection of the headset. And this time, South Carolina lite has also done binaural dual-mic noise reduction. When used, the two front and rear microphones of the binaural ears will recognize nearby noise to achieve noise reduction. However, the noise reduction quality of semi-in-ear headphones is better than that of external isolation. The effect of noise is a little worse, and noise reduction is not obvious in a very noisy environment.

Finally, let’s talk about the battery life of the South Carolina lite. The battery capacity of the South Carolina lite’s charging compartment is 350mAh. The earphone can be used for 4 hours at a time. The earphone compartment can also charge the earphone 3 times. The battery life is very good and it is daily. Moderate use can fully meet the needs of most people.

Through the use of these days, Nanka Lite gave me the feeling that it has returned to the essence of headphones. It can be said that Nanka has piled up all the materials where it should be used, especially the investment in sound quality, which is very impressive. This kind of excellent does not feel like a one-hundred-yuan earphone. If there are plans to start earphones in the near future, South Carolina Lite is also a product that is worth starting with at the same price.