Spring breath pine needle color strap to make your vivo WATCH a new look

iMobile home, news on December 30 At the vivo X60 series new product launch event yesterday, with the X60 and X60 Pro two new products, vivo also gave its own vivo WATCH a “new look”. First of all, vivo brings a new color strap for spring 2021-pine needles. The whole green strap has a strong spring flavor. It is made of fluorine rubber and is compatible with the 42mm and 46mm versions of vivo WATCH. It is priced at 169 yuan (USD $24) separately.

At the same time, vivo also brought the X60 series of custom dials and the album dial function that users can change freely for vivo WATCH, and brought 571 interface optimizations and 39 function updates and optimizations, making vivo WATCH a new look from the inside out .