Spring Festival friends gather for “a round” and use Huawei nova6 5g to keep on going

Every time the Lunar New Year comes, young people who are struggling all over the world will set foot on the way home to celebrate the new year together with their relatives and families. In this rare holiday, in addition to visiting relatives and friends and endless meals, young people are bound to take some time out for entertainment and get together with their partners to eat chickens or pesticides.

The popular Huawei nova6 5g is not only regarded as a “self portrait artifact” by young people, but also recognized by many game players as a “game artifact” of choice for young people because of its new flagship chip of Kirin 990. It is believed that the Spring Festival has the assistance of Huawei nova6 5g, which makes you easily surpass the gods and win the MVP.

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Best kylin 990: smooth game operation experience

Huawei’s nova6 5g adopts the latest flagship chip of Android 990, which is the best chip in Android. And it adopts the industry-leading 7Nm process technology, equipped with 8-core ultra-high performance CPU, of which the two largest core frequencies are increased to 2.86ghz, with the new 16 core mali-g76 GPU, self-developed Da Vinci architecture NPU, all of which lay the foundation for a smooth game experience.

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What’s more, the Kirin gaming + 2.0 introduced in the game scene adopts the newly upgraded AI FM scheduling technology, and introduces GPU integrated scheduling in the FM scheduling of CPU and DDR system. Not only that, Kirin gaming + has established an accurate performance power consumption model of Kirin gaming + by learning big data of game images with more than 1 million frames, and refined the performance power consumption scheduling to each frame of the game, so as to realize stable operation of the game with high frame rate and more real immersion experience. Take “peace elite” as an example. When all special effects and high picture quality are turned on, the frame rate fluctuation is only 0.57 frames, and the whole process is almost running at full frame rate, which is really extremely smooth.

The data confirms the strong performance of Huawei’s nova6 5g. Through the rabbit run test, Huawei’s nova6 5g has a total score of 455280 points. Compared with the two popular 5g mobile phones on the market, oppo reno3 Pro has 327873 points and vivo x30 Pro has 330000 points. Huawei’s nova6 5g advantages in the same mobile phone are unspeakable.

5g dual mode all Netcom: changshuang game world

Huawei nova6 5g is based on 5g network’s ultra-high speed and ultra-low delay, which can bring incomparable game experience in 4G era. According to Huawei lab data, the peak download speed is as high as 2gbps + (under NSA networking environment), such as “King Honor”, “peace elite” and other large-scale hand games, which can be downloaded as soon as tens of seconds, so that fast entertainment can no longer wait.

Of course, on the one hand, the fast Internet speed. In addition, the 5g low latency feature allows young people to truly achieve a seamless connection when playing games, with extremely low latency and smooth touch. Playing games with Huawei nova6 5g allows you to enjoy VIP treatment of high-end game players. Moreover, Huawei’s nova6 5g is also a 6-channel all Netcom. That is to say, Huawei’s nova6 5g supports all six band 5g networks of the three major domestic operators N1 / N3 / n41 / n77 / N78 / N79. In addition, advanced smart dual card switching technology is adopted. When 5g network is covered, 5g is preferred to access the Internet. When 5g signal is poor, 4G network is automatically connected, so as to obtain the most fluent online experience at any time, so that users can freely travel across the country with one machine in hand.

Compared with other 5g mobile phones of the same gear in the domestic market, such as oppo reno3 pro and vivo x30 pro, the important N79 band has been cut off, which is a pity.

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Big battery + super fast charging

Huawei’s nova6 5g is equipped with a 4200 Ma large capacity battery. If you can use it normally for about 2 days, and if you keep turning on the black for more than one day, even if there is no power, the standard 40W super fast charge can charge 70% in 30 minutes. You don’t need to worry about losing the team. Such endurance and charging speed are the right way to turn on the black.

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Double heat pipe liquid cooling: keep the fuselage cool;

Huawei nova6 5g adopts D8 heat pipe and D2 heat pipe for liquid cooling. D8 heat pipe is the thickest heat pipe in the industry at present. The coverage area of heat source can be directly increased by nearly 60%. Timely heat dissipation can prevent the mobile phone from becoming a “hot potato” and make the game appear stuck. In addition, the heat dissipation design material of the whole machine adopts multi-layer heat dissipation design. Through the multi-layer graphite / copper composite technology, the heat dissipation efficiency can be rapidly improved, so that the fuselage can keep “cool” and provide guarantee for the efficient operation of the mobile phone, so as to ease the heat generated by the long-term game easily.


Does Huawei’s nova6 5g powerful performance and extreme game experience conquer your heart? If you are also a mobile enthusiast and want to show your strength during the Spring Festival holiday, it’s really worth starting with a Huawei nova6 5g, which not only can fight, but also has online beauty and selfie! At present, Huawei’s nova6 8GB + 128GB version costs 3199 yuan (USD $457) ; Huawei’s nova6 5g 8GB + 128GB version costs 3799 yuan (USD $543) , and the 8GB + 256gb version costs 4199 yuan (USD $600) .