Spring Festival home to teach you a few tricks, so that the "rogue software" in the parents' mobile phone nowhere to hide

The Spring Festival holiday is coming soon. I often hear that the elderly in the family will not use the mobile phone or accidentally leak the information. When I take it, I accidentally downloaded some unused software, even rogue software. My personal information is not Caution will leak out, it is really difficult to prevent.

Earlier, a US magazine surveyed the top 30 beauty camera apps and found that these mobile phone software, which have been downloaded more than one million times, have serious problems, and more than 50% of them are from China. Most of these apps require permission that is not related to the software's own functions, such as monitoring sounds and obtaining mobile phone positioning. Some apps even want to obtain more than 40 permissions in size, otherwise they cannot be installed and used.

Despite the illegal activities of stealing user information by these "rogue" software, the Ministry of Public Security of China has organized a special operation "Netnet 2019" since last year. It has investigated and punished 683 apps that collected personal information of users illegally and illegally. There are many familiar names such as Fan Deng's books and Everbright Bank.

But we had better learn to protect ourselves and prevent problems before they happen. Come with me to learn a few tips ~

1.Try to download through the official app store

All brands of Android phones will be pre-installed with their own official app stores, such as the OPPO software store and Huawei App Market. Compared with third-party app stores, brand official app stores are relatively more secure

2. Download apps with caution

APP download options often pop up when mobile phones browse the web. These pop-up downloads are often the hardest hit areas of malware. The way to keep them out is to go to "Settings → Security" on your phone, check "App permissions", and turn off "Unknown" Source "option.

However, when some niche apps cannot be found in the official app store and must be downloaded using a browser, you must go to the APP's official website to download, and do not go to a third-party website to download to avoid the APP being repackaged.

3. Permission Control with Security Center

Android phones are pre-installed with apps similar to the mobile phone housekeeper and security center. Usually, the control of mobile phone related permissions is also integrated in it, and the security app can be used to close or restrict the software's access to related information in time.

Did you learn? Take advantage of these small skills, a small step attentive, a big step in safety!

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