Stabilizing enterprises means stabilizing employment, WiFi master key investment 1 billion to support small and medium businesses

At the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic storm swept across China, and at the same time brought panic in the economic field continued to spread. In the early stage of the epidemic, what is needed to prevent and control the epidemic is to avoid large-scale population flow. Many cities and regions require most local businesses to suspend business, which prevents employees from returning to work in time.

Employment is the foundation of people’s livelihood. In accordance with the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, to coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and to do a good job in the “six stability” work, we must put the stability of employment first. This is not only because wage income is the main source of income for the people, but also an important means to achieve economic development and social stability.

According to data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in recent years, SMEs have created 80% of China’s urban employment. Among them, the service industry has become the most important position for absorbing employment. The number of employees in the service industry has reached 360 million, accounting for more than 46% of the total employment.

The best way to stabilize employment is to stabilize enterprises. At this critical moment of actively advancing the prevention and control of the epidemic, the Wi-Fi Master Key launched the “Same Boat Plan” and plans to invest 1 billion traffic resources to use the user scale advantage and technical capabilities of the Wi-Fi Master Key to help ground stores attract offline customer flow, improve conversion, and Promote sales. With the increase in shop exposure and the increase in customer flow, the turnover will also resume. This will not only bring back the small and medium-sized merchants who cooperated with them, but also steadily increase the staff attendance rate.

The WiFi Master Key “One Boat Plan” will be launched first in eight cities including Nanjing, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Changsha, Dongguan and Xi’an, focusing on supporting merchants in different scenarios such as catering and food, hotel tourism, leisure and entertainment, education and training, shopping malls and retail. . Through the WiFi master key “local channel”, the WiFi master key will help merchants open up the connection channels with consumers, promote passenger flow, and further do a good job in stabilizing employment, ensuring that merchants have the motivation and enough room for sustainable operations In addition, so as to achieve mutual assistance and win-win results.

In order to allow these merchants to have double security, WiFi Master Key and ZhongAn Insurance have reached a cooperation to provide each merchant with free WiFi security insurance. If a merchant experiences abnormal property losses due to WiFi sharing, he can apply for compensation to ZhongAn Insurance. , You can receive up to 100,000 yuan (USD $14286) of insurance claims.

Since 2016, WiFi Master Key has continued to build a three-dimensional Internet matrix through sharing, investment, self-construction, cooperation, and public welfare, to meet the rigid needs of massive users for free Internet access anytime, anywhere. According to APP Annie data, the WiFi Master Key has been among the top 10 products with monthly active users in the world in 2018 and 2019.

As Professor Chen Chunhua called for, while the epidemic prevention and control war, another prevention and control war must be fought, which is to prevent and control the collapse of small and medium-sized enterprises. Stabilizing employment mainly depends on thousands of small and micro enterprises, because they have created the most jobs. The fixation of personnel by enterprises ensures social stability, and the salary paid by enterprises provides consumption power, thus forming a virtuous circle.

Wang Jingying, CEO of WiFi Master Key, said: The launch of the “One Boat Plan” is not only to meet the needs of users for offline life information, but also to help the majority of offline merchants through the difficulties of a special period. Since the beginning of this year, many merchants are facing business difficulties. The development of WiFi Master Key cannot be separated from the company and dedication of these small and medium-sized merchants. We will use our core resources and technical capabilities to work with you to tide over the difficulties. ”

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