Starting at 7,999 yuan (USD $1143) , Lingyao X dual screens will give you multiple benefits such as "Assassination Novelist" movie ticket

During the Spring Festival holiday, a number of blockbusters have been released one after another. The fantasy action-adventure film “Assassination of the Novelist” directed by Lu Yang and directed by Ning Hao is about the fantasy world described by the novelist Lu Kongwen. I did not expect the progress of the novel would have an impact In the real world, the stories of the two parallel worlds are independent but blended with each other, which has led to a series of wonderful stories.

Of course, it’s not just movies that have such a wild brain. In the PC field, ASUS’s new Lingyao X dual-screen high-end lightweight notebook adopts an innovative dual-screen design. Just like the parallel world in the movie, the two screens are independent but capable. Cooperate with each other and join hands with users to enter the “screen” world and open a new experience of operational interaction. Now this notebook has started the pre-sale activity with a deposit. Participation will give you a two-person viewing ticket for “Assassinated Novelist” (you can obtain it by consulting customer service after paying the deposit). It will be officially launched on February 22, and you can also enjoy 12 interest-free periods There are multiple benefits such as 100 yuan (USD $14) E card and other benefits, worth choosing!

The future of “screen” line world is coming

The Lingyao X dual screen is equipped with a 12.6-inch ScreenPad Plus touch secondary screen above the keyboard, which will rise 7° when opening the A side. It is ergonomically designed to make multi-screen browsing more comfortable, and it is also compatible with 14-inch FHD The full HD main screen seamlessly interacts, and you can enjoy efficient creative output at all times. In addition, the main screen has passed Pantone professional color certification, with excellent color presentation and color accuracy, providing users with more detailed and realistic visual effects for office and creation. The brightness of the two screens are both 400nits, which effectively reduces the flare and reflections that occur when looking at the screen. It is worth mentioning that the main and secondary screens also support a 4096-level pressure-sensitive stylus, and the accuracy of handwriting input is comparable to that of a professional hand-drawn board.

In order to achieve higher work efficiency, the ScreenPad Plus secondary screen has a new generation of ScreenXpert2 software built in. Users can divide the secondary screen into three independent areas. During creative work, the primary screen displays the video and audio images being edited, and the secondary screen places video tracks and materials. Editing software such as boxes and layers can greatly enhance the control experience; when programming, the extended field of view can be programmed and the final effect can be viewed at the same time; when playing games, you can view the strategy or chat on the upper screen and the lower screen.

ScreenXpert2 software is equipped with a new creative control panel. Users can create custom virtual sliders, buttons and knobs, and adapt almost all functions in design software such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop and Lightroom through simple programming. The diversified interactive methods are Users bring personalized and innovative work experience, subvert the tradition, and join hands with users to enter the wonderful “screen world”.

11th-generation Core blessing releases powerful momentum

Multiple programs with dual-screen loads run at the same time, which has certain requirements for the computer’s hardware configuration. Lingyao X dual-screen supreme is equipped with the 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor, which allows users to seamlessly enjoy creation and entertainment with multi-core energy efficiency. The built-in performance is comparable to some of the unique Intel Iris® Xe graphics cards, which greatly improves graphics processing capabilities. In addition, users can also choose the NVIDIA® GeForce MX450 discrete graphics card version, whether it is professional design software such as PS/Pr, or popular online games can run smoothly. In terms of storage, the Lingyao X dual screen can be equipped with up to 32GB LPDDR4X dual-channel high-speed memory, and 1TB PCIe SSD, both speed and capacity, allowing creative output to flow unimpeded.

Lightweight and stylish aura is unique

Not only is powerful, but the Lingyao X dual screen is also the face value in creative office. The mysterious and romantic deep jazz blue body adopts ASUS classic eccentric concentric circle brushed metal texture, with diamond-cut chamfered edge design, making it meaningful. Aesthetic style. The all-metal body is only about 1.55kg lighter and as thin as 15.9mm, so you can easily put it in your backpack and enjoy the walk-and-go travel at any time.

If the parallel world of movies gives us a shocking look and feel, then the dual-screen intelligent interactive experience in reality can more highlight the sense of technology and the sense of the future. It is to allow the two screens to cooperate with each other when running the software independently, allowing users to create unlimited possibilities in the innovative “screen” world. On February 22, the ASUS Lingyao X dual-screen is officially on sale. The surprise price starting at RMB 7,999 is worth starting. Now you can get a double ticket for “Assassination Novelist” by paying a deposit to make an appointment. Grab the tail of the holiday and hurry up!