Steady progress-Lynk & Co officially opened its first offline experience store in Sweden

With the opening of its first offline experience store in Amsterdam in October last year, Lynk & Co recently opened its second offline experience store in Europe in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Lynk & Co’s offline experience store is very different from traditional dealers. Generally speaking, customers go to the store to see and buy cars. The car is the theme of the whole store. Cars are not the focus here, but communication and enjoyment are the theme here.

This shop can feel the industrial style of Gothenburg, which is completely different from the simple beauty of Scandinavia. It also uses a lot of environmentally friendly materials, flexible space layout, and a touch of humor.

Here, you can enjoy a cup of cappuccino, enjoy a Nordic snack, if you are tired, you can lie on these weird-shaped sofas, you can even go to the sauna!

And it operates 24 hours a day! Here, there will be DJ shows, movies and even puppet shows.

If you don’t like the above things, it doesn’t matter. There is also a display stand in the experience hall to display the works of local independent artists.

All in all, the entire store reflects Lynk & Co’s philosophy of sustainability and friendliness with customers. It also shows that while Lynk & Co is steadily increasing its domestic influence and sales, it is also actively promoting overseas plans and insisting on its determination to impress consumers with quality and service.