Stone H6 wireless vacuum cleaner: I want it all with high suction power and low noise!

Speaking of vacuum cleaners, what is your memory? A tube drags a big tube? Or is it a "weapon" that buzzes when you press the "trigger" in your hand? The most intuitive feeling brought to us by the advancement of technology is the compactness and power of the product. The mobile phone has evolved from a snake-eating snake to a king's Honor from a big brother to over 90% of the screen. The same is true for small household appliances vacuum cleaners commonly found in the home. Not only has a smaller size, but also has more powerful functions.

Stone H6, as the first vacuum cleaner product of Stone Technology, was launched and entered the vacuum cleaner market as a "spoiler". With the 150AW suction power brought by the 420W DC brushless motor, the vacuum suction power is up to 25000Pa, regardless of dust, stains or mites. Can be easily inhaled. The well-built "secondary nine-cone cyclone technology" with extremely fast start-stop function, the whole process of high-efficiency gas and dust separation, the filter efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 99.97%, and it has passed the German Rheinland suction lossless test, and can lock 8 times smaller than PM2.5 Contaminants and avoid clogging of the filter.

It adopts a 5-fold noise reduction design with swirling noise reduction cavity, noise reduction filter, noise reduction filter paper, PP buffer material, and resonance isolation silica gel. Although it has strong suction, it can be used at night without worry. Using transparent technology, more technological charm.