Stone H6 wireless vacuum cleaner: make you fall in love with labor

Sweeping machines and vacuum cleaners are responsible for solving cleaning problems in different scenarios, sweeping robots are responsible for cleaning the floor, and vacuum cleaners are responsible for cleaning and sanitation on furniture such as sofas, carpets and mattresses, but many people regard them as alternatives and remove the price. Another important reason is that the product is too tasteless, and low-performance products occupy a large share. . The brand Rock, which has been working in the sweeper market for many years, has launched its own wireless vacuum cleaner-Rock H6, which makes the sweeping robot and the wireless vacuum cleaner truly complementary.

Stone H6 has 150AW super suction power, 25000Pa vacuum suction power, so that dust and bedding mites can be easily sucked out for many years; the matched polymer ultra-light lithium battery makes the whole machine weigh only 1.4KG, and has a long battery life. Light weight, low attenuation, compared with traditional lithium battery has many advantages.

Vacuum cleaners are naturally full of "sense of science and technology." Stone installed an OLED display for H6 so that the vacuum cleaner can also express itself. The working status, battery life, charging progress, and cleaning mode are displayed on the screen, so that the vacuum cleaner no longer has to be "charging by the light" to increase the sense of interaction. At the same time, when the filter needs to be cleaned, the user will be prompted on the display screen to avoid secondary pollution due to the dirty filter.

The storage of wireless vacuum cleaners has also become a headache for many users. It occupies a lot of space on the ground and cannot be moved around when hung on the wall. For this reason, Stone H6 is equipped with a floor stand, which can be stably placed in addition to the vacuum cleaner body, and can also accommodate various brush heads of the vacuum cleaner's "partners" to avoid loss.

For many "lazy people", the sweeping robot + a wireless vacuum cleaner can liberate themselves to the greatest extent, and it is no longer time-consuming and laborious to perform deep cleaning of the whole house; at the same time, have fun in cleaning the house, let yourself fall in love with cleaning, and improve your living quality.