Stone preheating wireless vacuum cleaner H6: large suction, long battery life, easy storage

Stone Stone officially pre-heated its new handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6 this morning, and announced many important features of this product at the same time.

According to the three pictures and the text description, the Stone Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner H6 is the first vacuum cleaner using a polymer ultra-light battery, taking into account the characteristics of large suction power, long battery life and light weight.

Conventional vacuum cleaners generally use cylindrical lithium batteries, and the battery capacity shrinks severely after repeated use and charging and discharging. This will not only affect the battery life, but also make the discharge power insufficient, which will affect the overall vacuuming effect of the machine. The polymer ultralight battery used by Stone this time has a longer high-power discharge capacity and a longer service life, of which the life is 4 times that of the cylindrical battery.

I believe many people are accustomed to inserting the broom on the dustpan. The stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner borrowed from this habit. The use of the floor stand not only saves space, but also accords with the Chinese habits.

Coupled with a motor that can provide a large suction power of 150AW, the Stone Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner H6 achieves a 90-minute battery life and a large suction dust removal effect under a 1.4kg fuselage, which can be described as powerful.

In addition, the official said that the stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6 will not shrink significantly after long-term use. The life of the polymer ultralight battery is about 4 times that of ordinary cylindrical lithium batteries.

Used together with the standard anodized aluminum floor stand, it can make the machine more in line with Chinese storage habits. The matte surface of the machine also makes the product look more textured and convenient to place in different places at home.

At the same time, the Stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6 is also a Xiaomi crowdfunding product, and will be launched on the Xiaomi Youpin APP at 00:00 on April 1. If you need a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can pay attention to this product.