Stone T7 Pro: Binocular obstacle avoidance + remote video unlocking new gameplay

Some people say that "laziness" is the primary productive force of human beings. The advancement of science and technology often appears to liberate human labor. At the same time, with the development of science and technology, more and more ordinary people have the right to be "lazy". People invented the computer so that they don’t have to write letters by hand; they invented the car to walk without moving their legs; they invented the dishwasher for a good night’s sleep without washing the dishes…

The sweeping robot was also invented for people's "laziness". However, after more than 20 years of development, robot vacuum cleaners have grown from a huge body that can only perform simple sweeping tasks, and now they are small in size, and they can enter and exit at will under the table and bed, among all kinds of homogenized vacuum cleaner robots. , Rock added two 500W pixel 120° wide-angle cameras to T7 Pro, providing new ideas for the innovation of sweeping robots.

At present, mainstream sweeping robots all use laser sensors, which rely on transmitting and receiving laser beams to draw maps. The advantages are fast acquisition speed and small calculation amount. Of course, there are also disadvantages. Because the lidar is located on the raised part of the sweeping robot body, it is inevitable There will be blind spots, so some objects cannot be detected. Stone T7 Pro introduces a binocular vision sensor on the basis of the laser sensor, uses the camera to recognize the surrounding objects, relying on the "eyes" to see the obstacles around, and truly realizes that it can avoid collisions without falling into blind spots. In the APP The identified objects will also be photographed and marked to facilitate users to understand the working status of the robot.

I believe that many people have also imagined that their cats sit on the robot vacuum cleaner and "patrol the mountains" and walk through the kitchen and living room at home, but most of the time cats will not cooperate. With the dual cameras on the Roborock T7 Pro, the user can also control the sweeping robot on the mobile phone to remotely cruise the country and view the home situation in real time. Privacy and security are also important. The remote video function needs to be turned on by pressing the physical button on the body. The video is transmitted in real time and will not be stored on the server. At the same time, it has passed the German Rheinland privacy security certification, in line with the EU General Data Protection Act and the US California consumption People’s Privacy Act does not have to worry about privacy at all.

The home layout is not complicated, there are no pets or children, and users who have relatively fixed obstacle positions can get a good experience when starting with Stone T7. Roborock T7 Pro adds AI binocular vision to avoid obstacles, and is used in conjunction with laser planning algorithms to further enhance the robot's intelligence, adapt to more complex home environments, and provide a new direction for the future development of the robot. It is a good choice for people who have pets or children at home.