Stop looking for your own reasons! Apple acknowledges "personal hotspot" feature saves software bugs

If you are an Apple mobile phone user, I don't know if you have encountered such a situation: After turning on a personal hotspot and connecting more than one device, the connection is disconnected or the transmission performance is reduced, or even the connection cannot be reached. It is interesting that in such a situation, the first reaction of fruit powder is often that they have not operated properly, and they have never thought that it may be a problem of the Apple device itself. And if the same problem occurs on Android models, the first complaint is that the sound of the phone is often louder.

Recently, an internal document from Apple confirmed that devices using the iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 system do have a personal hotspot bug, and this bug has existed since the iOS 13.1.2 system.

The solution given by Apple is to try to fix it by restarting when there are BUGs related to personal hotspots. This problem is not caused by hardware, but because of software bugs, so in the upcoming official version of iOS 13.4, the problem will be solved.

Apple officials have confirmed that the latest iOS 13.4 system will be officially launched next Tuesday, and in the latest class, new features such as iCloud support for shared folders, new emoji, touchpad operations, and ApplePay integrated Alipay are expected to be launched at the same time.