Strong government subsidies? Inventory of local governments' policies and measures to promote automobile consumption

After the outbreak of the New Crown epidemic, the state and the government successively introduced a variety of policies and measures to promote automobile consumption and promote industrial optimization and upgrading. Today, Mr. Bang took a look at the new regulations issued by various governments to help you buy a car for reference.

Foshan area

First of all, we must give a big praise to the Foshan Municipal Government of Guangdong Province, because they dare to be the first to fire the first shot to encourage car consumption. As early as February 17, the Foshan Municipal Government announced policies to promote automobile consumption. The policy will come into effect on March 1, 2020, and is valid for one year.

(1) Promote the upgrading of automobiles. Foshan license plate owners purchase new cars on the basis of old car sales invoices or auto scrap cancellation certificates, and each vehicle is given a subsidy of 3,000 yuan (USD $429) .

(2) Encourage collective procurement of automobiles. For the same consumer who purchases 5 or more large, medium and heavy passenger and trucks (the unit price of the vehicle is not less than 500,000 yuan (USD $71429) ), a subsidy of 5,000 yuan (USD $714) per vehicle will be granted.

(3) Consumers are encouraged to purchase new cars, and each vehicle is given a subsidy of 2,000 yuan (USD $286) .

Guangzhou area

On March 20, the 15th 104th Executive Meeting of the Guangzhou Municipal Government reviewed and approved the "Several Measures to Promote Automobile Production and Consumption in Guangzhou". As far as consumers are concerned, Guangzhou will encourage automobile consumption from two aspects: stimulating automobile consumption and increasing the number of small and medium-sized passenger cars. The specific policies are as follows.

(1) From March to the end of December 2020, in accordance with the principles of encouraging advanced technology, safety and reliability, individual consumers will be given a comprehensive subsidy of 10,000 yuan (USD $1429) per vehicle for the purchase of new energy vehicles;

(2) In order to promote the upgrading of automobiles, consumers who have replaced or scrapped used cars should purchase a “National Six” standard new car at a car sales company registered in our city, and a subsidy of 3,000 yuan (USD $429) will be given to each.

(3) It will accelerate the implementation of the new quota of 100,000 small and medium-sized passenger cars that will be clear in June 2019, and research and launch additional indicators as appropriate.

Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan area

On March 16th, the Changsha Development and Reform Commission issued a policy to promote automobile consumption. Consumers purchased vehicles produced by automakers such as SAIC Volkswagen Changsha Factory, Changsha BYD, GAC Mitsubishi, GAC Fick, and Hunan Cheetah at designated dealers. , Can get a one-time subsidy of 3% of the price of the bare car, the maximum subsidy for each car does not exceed 3,000 yuan (USD $429) . This event starts on March 11, 2020 and ends on June 30.

According to Xiangtan Economic and Technological Development Zone's "Introduction of Encouragement Measures to Promote Geely Real Estate Vehicles' Consumption and Upgrade in Changzhutan", the government will subsidize the purchase of a new model of Geely Automobile Xiangtan Base and Binyue two models, with a purchase tax of 3,000 yuan (USD $429) per unit. The subsidies are individual consumers (except taxis) who have local ID cards or temporary residence permits in Changsha, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, purchase cars at designated Geely 4S stores and their authorized secondary outlets, and have local licenses in Changsha, Zhuzhou, and Xiangtan. The policy will be implemented from March 1, 2020, with a limit of 3500 individual consumers buying cars.

Zhuhai area

According to the Zhuhai Municipal People's Government's "Implementation Opinions of the Zhuhai Municipal People's Government on Effectively Reducing the Impact of the Epidemic and Promoting the Smooth Operation of the Economy", the government will purchase consumption of "National Six" standard-displacement vehicles from automobile sales companies registered in Zhuhai. Grants, but the exact amount of the grant is unknown.

In addition, starting from March 3, three types of foreign resident registration personnel, such as foreign household registration staff in public service units, compatriots in Hong Kong and Macau, and urgently needed talents in Zhuhai, can purchase a car in Zhuhai without a residence permit.

Nanchang area  

During the epidemic, consumers who purchase new cars (including passenger cars and commercial vehicles) within Nanchang will receive a subsidy of 1,000 yuan (USD $143) per vehicle.

Changchun area

Recently, the Changchun Municipal Government also announced policies to promote automobile consumption:

(1) Encourage the purchase of new cars, purchase of cars produced in Changchun City and sale of registered cars in the province, each one will be given a one-time subsidy of 3% of the purchase price, up to a maximum of 4,000 yuan (USD $571) .

(2) Encourage renewal. Jilin province license plate owners will be given a one-time purchase of new cars produced in Changchun and sold in the province with a one-off certificate based on the old car sales invoice or auto scrap cancellation certificate from March 20 to June 30, 2020. The maximum subsidy is not more than 5,000 yuan (USD $714) .

(3) Encourage group purchases, and provide one-time subsidies for the one-time purchase of 5 or more new cars produced in Changchun and sold in the province (the unit price of the vehicle is not less than 200,000 yuan (USD $28571) ), with a maximum of 6,000 per vehicle yuan.

The above policies are not superimposed, as of June 30, 2020.

Ningbo area

The Ningbo Municipal Government also proposed that from March 25th to September 30th, consumers who purchased passenger cars produced and sold locally in Ningbo and listed locally would be given a one-time concession of 5,000 yuan (USD $714) per car, and each company would limit the concession Sales of 6,000 vehicles.

Relaxation in some cities with restricted purchases

In addition to the cash subsidy policies given in the above regions, in areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Hainan where car purchase restrictions are currently implemented, some regions will promote car consumption by relaxing the purchase restriction policy.

Shenzhen will increase the number of ordinary cars by 40,000 in 2020; Hangzhou area will increase 20,000 passenger cars by one time in 2020; according to news released by Shanghai, in March this year, the Shanghai personal quota will reach 11,970, which is more than 1, In February, the number of 8,612 and 7,966 vehicles increased significantly by more than 3,000, indicating that the Shanghai region has also relaxed its purchase restriction policy. The first few days ago in Beijing was the news of the release of another 100,000 car purchase indicators in the first half of the year. The ministry retracted the manuscript and apologized, but at least it shows that Beijing is also studying how to stimulate car consumption policies.

Bang Reviews

During the epidemic, government departments successively introduced the "rescue the city" policy to promote automobile consumption and promote the healthy operation of the industry, which can be said to be the gospel of our people. On the one hand, it contributes to the development of the national economy, and on the other hand, it can also reduce part of the burden for people who need a car.