"Stylish", not "willful", high-efficiency women choose MSI Prestige 14

The phone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker, the shutters are opened, and the warm sunlight is sprinkled on the floor through the gap. The cat comfortably arches its back and stretches forward lazily, taking a sip of coffee with soothing music, and touching the finger over the touchpad. With the fingerprint recognition on the computer screen, the computer screen lights up instantly, and the wrist rests on a carefully designed 5-degree elevated keyboard. Choose a comfortable posture and start a new day's work. This is the content of Wang Lingya's volg video, and even some inconspicuous little movements in daily life can be photographed by her.

Wang Lingya's job is a model. She can obviously "rely on her face". She also operates her own social account in her spare time and is very popular with fans. As an aesthetic online fashionista, whatever she chooses, whether it's the clothes she wears or the computer she usually uses at work, is online. Take this exquisite and thin MSI prestige 14 rose pink notebook to fashion The shooting scene of the blockbuster is also unobtrusive.

She made full use of her time, and her vlog collection, Yummy's Vlog, also appeared intermittently for more than 30 periods. There was no fixed update time, no fixed beginning, no fixed duration, but the same is that every video is It was created in her spare time.

Wang Lingya likes photography and loves to travel. This new form of vlog allows her to better record the small beauty in her life. The requirements for computer performance in editing videos are not low. In the past, she could only wait until the end of the trip to import the captured materials. The computer at home is starting to create a vlog, but the MSI Prestige 14 with only 1.29kg allows her to bring her camera and computer to share fun videos on the road as soon as possible to share with her fans.

In the beginning, Wang Lingya was a layman in video editing. However, despite the difficulty of self-study and new abilities, she still accepted this hard bone. What kept her fresh was a small accident, the video was almost cut out, but because she didn't save it, the computer suddenly crashed and she lost all her power. This made her choose a computer after that with particular emphasis on configuration, for fear of repeating the same mistakes.

The performance of MSI Prestige 14 can be said to be very powerful. It is equipped with a 10th-generation Intel Core i7 six-core processor, which improves the overall performance by 50% compared to the previous generation. Using Pr software to edit 4K video, the output speed is also increased by 15%. The blessing of the NVDIA GeForce GTX1650 graphics card shortens the 4K rendering process. Highly equipped hardware not only allowed her to improve the efficiency of content production, but also made her say goodbye with stuttering and downtime ever since.

In order to reduce the "bucket effect" phenomenon of the computer, MSI Prestige 14 also provides multiple Thunderbolt 3 interfaces and UHS-II MicroSD card readers for video content creators. The former allows Prestige 14 to support fast charging and multi-screen expansion. Output, the latter provides a data transmission speed of up to 300MB / S, which is definitely a good news for content creators who need to shoot a lot of ultra high definition. After all, the data has been imported into the computer.

Such an outstanding and powerful MSI Prestige 14 further enhances the video creation experience, making the work "released" faster, and bid farewell to overtime, it is no wonder that it can become the new favorite of a new generation of female creators.

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