Such a luxurious appearance of the 8848 titanium mobile phone M6, netizens said: it is a price I can not afford

News on March 30th, the 8848 titanium mobile phone M6 opened its first pre-sale at 10 o'clock yesterday. The M6 is a luxury mobile phone with a combination of performance and aesthetics.

Luxury phones can be imagined as expensive. The 8848 titanium mobile phone M6 has 11 versions, starting at 12,999 yuan (USD $1857) and capping at 29999 yuan (USD $4286) . In this eleven version, it can be divided into four types, the color of 199999 yuan (USD $28571) and 23999 yuan (USD $3428) files are different.

The price is 19,999 yuan (USD $2857) . Specifications are: titanium alloy gold plating, natural diamond, yellow sapphire, synthetic ruby, 12GB + 512GB;

The price is 23,999 yuan (USD $3428) . The specifications are: titanium alloy gold plating, synthetic ruby, natural yellow sapphire, 12GB + 1T. The names of these two price ranges are also very luxurious, such as the Tibetan brown leather version, the blue sky lizard skin version, etc .;

The remaining two types are exclusive editions: titanium alloy gold-plated, lychee pattern cowhide, 8GB + 256GB, priced at 12,999 yuan (USD $1857) , and the peak version: titanium alloy gold-plated, synthetic ruby, 8GB + 512GB, priced at 16,999 yuan (USD $2428) .

In terms of performance, the M6 series is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship platform and 5th generation AI engine, supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5G networking, LPDDR5 memory + UFS 3.0 flash memory; the front and back of the phone are unique, and the front matches a 6.01-inch full screen , While the back is inlaid with a 1.19-inch round watch, this design is also an important reason for the high price; the battery capacity is 4380mAh, supports wireless fast charging.

At present, the 8848 titanium mobile phone M6 series 5G has started full pre-sale. Due to its high price, the deposit has reached 500 yuan (USD $71) on pre-sale platforms such as Tmall and Tokyo.