Summer adventure meets fantasy art Reno4 Pro artist limited edition is on sale today

On August 21st, OPPO and internationally renowned artist James Jean jointly created the OPPO Reno4 Pro artist limited edition, which will be available online today at 10:00, and the 12+256GB version is priced at 4299 yuan (USD $614) . The Reno4 Pro artist limited edition has not been on sale but has been popular in the fashion circle with the combination of exquisite styling and craftsmanship. Then, have you grabbed this artistic beauty and popular network-wide joint name?

It is also the popularity of the Reno4 Pro artist limited edition online, OPPO also provides more consumers with art pieces of summer adventures offline. Reno4 Pro Artist Limited Edition is now available in OPPO Guangzhou Grandview Plaza Super Flagship Store. If you want to be the first to appreciate the artistic flavor it exudes, welcome to visit OPPO Guangzhou Chaoqi Store to experience the onlookers, get close to it, and feel the most artistic flavor this summer Custom machine!

In the craft design of the Reno4 Pro artist limited edition, OPPO’s ID designer extracted elements from the original work and used high-precision AG etching technology to accurately restore the painting elements of James Jean’s “Summer Adventure”, and exquisite craftsmanship made art Dream design comes into reality, making mobile phones a valuable artwork for collection. The core element “Light of Adventure” on the back of the fuselage adopts a three-dimensional relief technique, which shows the exquisiteness of relief and the elegance of lines after repeated polishing. OPPO also applied the light-sensitive dark line process for the first time on a mobile phone, which is used to draw radial light stripes around the “light of adventure”, which will produce lavender under the irradiation of spotlights or ultraviolet light, which fits “the light of adventure lights up the dream of adventure” The theme is full of surprises.

In addition, the Reno4 Pro Artist Limited Edition has a full set of accessories customized for users, and the details are full of care. In the theme design, two new sets of UI are provided: Summer Adventure (color version) and Summer Adventure (silver version), which incorporate the characteristics of the “Summer Adventure” painting into the icon design.

In other respects, Reno4 Pro Artist Limited Edition also comes standard with a 7.6mm thin and light body, super night scene video, 65W super flash charge, video super anti-shake 3.0 and other functions. It can not only fully charge the battery in 36 minutes at the fastest, but also realize “charge 5 minutes,” 4 hours of play”; it also allows users to easily shoot bright and clear night scene videos, from shooting to cutting to create video blockbusters easily.

The OPPO Reno4 Pro Artist Limited Edition is undoubtedly a rare art custom boutique model recently. This phone also shows OPPO’s top design strength. At present, the phone has been officially launched at 10:00 this morning and enjoys a limited time. 24 issues of interest-free, free Bluetooth speakers, more chances to win limited edition prints! And if you want to feel the romance of “Summer Adventure” offline, you can check in at the OPPO Guangzhou Grandview Super Flagship Store and have an artistic journey. Such a meticulously crafted and artistic ultra-thin and super-looking 5G mobile phone, interested friends, must not miss it, hurry up and click the link to buy it.