Suning e-buy spokesperson Guan Xiaotong incarnates as a super buyer and strongly recommends TCL TV

Once the “sowing” is not even, the “sowing” is rising again. 618 on the eve of the great Kwai Carnival big business wars, after successfully completing the live broadcast of Tmall and Jingdong, and the quick help public welfare poverty alleviation live broadcast, TCL also carried out a fancy upgrade to live goods, and joined the half entertainment circle star coffee to shine the 618 super show. On the evening of June 17, Suning e-buy 618 super show, sponsored by TCL, was staged in a shocking way. 30 + superstars and combinations, including Chuangyang 2020, Deng Ziqi, Deng Lun, Wang Yuan, Zhang Yixing and Zhou Shen, joined in the show. The stars sparkled and ignited the audience, and enjoyed the Carnival Party!

On the day of the event, the mode of “happy delivery of good things” was opened ahead of schedule. Guan Xiaotong, the spokesperson of Suning e-buy and CEO Wang Cheng of TCL Industrial Holdings, took the strength of TCL’s star products of 55 “T6, 65” C78 and 75 “Q10 to broadcast on time in its own flagship store of Suning to deliver online benefits to consumers. It is reported that as of 2:00 a.m. on June 18, tcl618 had more than 1.6 billion transactions of all categories on all platforms!


Star Group Super Show

The 618 e-commerce promotion is held annually, and the major e-commerce platforms are fighting against each other. They strive to attract consumers’ attention and seize the traffic highland. In this 618, Suning e-buy 618 super show sponsored by TCL is definitely a focus that can not be ignored and bypassed. To use the popular sayings of houlang, because TA is “too show”.

Guest show: Wang Yuan’s younger brother’s fancy talent, Shen Teng’s “Shen style humor”, Zhang Jie’s dolphin sound In addition, 30 + stars such as Deng Ziqi, Deng Lun and so on have joined in, and half of the entertainment circles have assisted in 618 live broadcasting to meet the demand of consumers of different ages in pursuit of stars and fully mobilize their enthusiasm for participation.


Form show, the first variety live broadcast, through the TV variety + live + panoramic interactive variety live with goods form, multi-directional display of Suning’s full scene advantages, at the same time, Oriental satellite TV, Tencent video, Suning e-buy live broadcast and several short video live broadcasting platforms are launched simultaneously to fully meet and adapt to the catalyst habits of consumers with different habits. Among them, TCL’s smart technology products are also integrated into all kinds of programs and live broadcasting, catching consumers’ attention with novel content forms.

TCL star product groups “go out” to enjoy the Carnival

On the day of the event, Mr. Guan Xiaotong, the partner of TCL Industrial Holdings CEO Wang Cheng and Suning e-buy spokesperson Guan Xiaotong, brought five star products, including 55 “T6”, “65” C78 and 75 “Q10, to bring sincere preferential treatment and smart technology life style, and enjoy the carnival with netizens.

Every innovation is a precise insight into the needs of consumers, and every product is the product of “know you”. Knowing that consumers are picky about the experience of watching movies, TCL 75 inch Q10 TV adopts qled quantum dot technology, and carries the fancier level anqiao hifi sound, which brings shock image quality and sound effect to consumers, and gives consumers cinema level film viewing experience; knowing consumers’ taste of novelty and objective conditions such as the size of living room, TCL launched it with care The 65 inch C78 also uses qled quantum dot technology, which makes the viewing effect equally shocking. Knowing the tedious manipulation of consumers, TCL 55 “T6 is equipped with full scene AI technology, which supports remote voice control. At the same time, it also has wake-up free function. After starting, it doesn’t need to wake up again to input instructions, and it can recognize six dialects. From then on, it only needs to move the mouth, which is very intelligent and convenient.


We have made extensive alliance with big stars to give users a good-looking live broadcast; we sincerely promote products to give users a good-looking TV. 618 good things carnival, TCL TV carefully play new tricks, to bring users a good shopping experience and a smart lifestyle. 618 opens the countdown, looking forward to more good news from TCL, a big country brand!