Super wide angle AI three shot all-around Huawei maimang 9 makes young people’s life more wonderful

Super wide angle AI three shot all-around Huawei maimang 9 makes young people’s life more wonderful

Recently, a research institute surveyed 2659 smartphone users aged 15 to 54. According to the survey, 84.9% of users use mobile phones to take photos, with young people accounting for 96.8% of the total. The first was group photos with relatives, friends and lovers, accounting for 50.5%; the second was nature and scenery, accounting for 45.8%; the third was food photos, accounting for 33%; and more surprisingly, the proportion of self taking was only 9.1%.

Mobile phone photography has always been a hot topic. Compared with professional photography equipment, it is more efficient and convenient, and can also meet the needs of most users. Therefore, people’s requirements for mobile phone imaging ability are higher and higher, not only can you shoot clearly in ordinary scenes, but also long focus, wide-angle, macro-range change to play with patterns, and they also attach great importance to the night shooting ability of mobile phones. Do you have a camera phone to meet so many requirements? The answer, of course, is yes.

Maimang 9 is a wonderful gift for young people from Huawei. It has 6.8-inch pole full eye protection screen, full scene photographing ability, 5g dual-mode full Netcom Communication experience and exquisite appearance. It is Huawei’s latest representative work of 5g layout for users. It promotes the upgrading of young people’s computer experience in 5g era with innovative technology and experience.

Photographing is one of the most commonly used mobile phone functions for young people. In order to meet the needs of young people for this pain point, Huawei maimang 9 directly carries 64 million pixel ultra wide angle AI camera, which is rare in 1000 yuan (USD $143) machine.

Maimang 9 main camera this 64 megapixel lens has an F 1.89 large aperture, hardware level large aperture, can have better depth of field effect, let the photos taken more hierarchical, the benefits of high pixels naturally needless to say, in the normal mode, the machine can output 16 million pixels of photos, the advantage is that the resulting photos have small memory; while in 64 million mode, the details of photos are more accurate, and the colors are richer.

When recording beautiful scenery, in addition to the large scene photographing experience brought by ultra wide angle camera, Huawei maimang 9 plus AI algorithm and 64 million pixel main camera can also make the imaging effect more large. In AI mode, the main body of the image will be identified and differentiated, and the priority of the object, the size of the object, the position of the picture, and the center of gravity of the picture will be judged, so as to adjust the photographing parameters, and finally obtain a large landscape easily. From the sample, we can see that both the blue sky and white clouds in the distance, or the lake and land nearby are very clear, and the sense of hierarchy is clear, especially the performance of color is very gratifying.

In addition to taking good photos, the high appearance of Huawei maimang 9 can also add points to your summer trip. In the fuselage color matching, maimang 9 has three color matching styles, i.e., Qijing forest, magic night and cherry snow clear sky. One of the magic night black color, needless to say, the atmosphere of the classic color. The color matching of cherry snow clear sky and Qijing forest is a high-end color with distinct personality. The former is cool and elegant, and the latter is more pastoral and fresh, which not only conforms to the individual preferences of young people for color, but also coincides with the beauty of nature.

For the young people who have been living for several months, every weekend is particularly precious. Therefore, it is necessary to record and share the wonderful situation of zero distance contact with nature in summer. Huawei maimang 9, though positioning a thousand yuan machine, has solved the problems of super large landscape, incomplete photo taking of multiple people, and poor control of light, which leads to excessive or dark scenery, so that users can easily take satisfactory photos of spring outing. In addition, the features of high appearance, large screen and large storage make the overall strength of this mobile phone more balanced, which is worth purchasing in the near future.