Supported by 768 stream processor, Intel’s unique parameter exposure based on Xe architecture

Recently, it is rumored that Intel is about to launch a new DG1 independent graphics card and 11 generation core low-voltage processor. Combined with the information disclosed at present, the number of stream processors of DG1 is the same as that of core display of 11 generation core low-voltage processor. The difference is that the GPU frequency of DG1 is higher and it is also equipped with video memory.

According to @ apssak, an overseas informant, Intel’s latest parameter information has appeared in the database, specifically: it adopts 768 stream processor, equipped with 3gb video memory, and GPU frequency can reach 1.65ghz. Compared with the previously reported i7-1165g7, the core display is the same 768 stream processor, the main difference is GPU, the GPU frequency of the latter is 1.3GHz.

DG1 is Intel’s first independent graphics card based on Xe architecture. For this graphics card, Intel said: DG1 has a very high energy efficiency, which can provide excellent and extreme graphics experience for compact PCs.