Surface pen with more features: wireless mouse

Have you ever thought about the future of controlling laptops in the air? Recently, Microsoft has patented the surface pen, which can be used to paint or doodle on the surface of the handheld area of a laptop, or as an aerial mouse and controller.

According to Microsoft, the surface pen’s optical sensor may offer improved mouse functionality that can be configured to track the movement of the stylus as it is positioned horizontally on a non-contact surface. That is to say, when you pick up the pen, you can control its matching configuration, whether on the plane or in the air. In this way, the convenience of this product is reflected incisively and vividly.

According to officials, the patented stylus also includes extra right and left mouse buttons. In addition, there is a sensor bar, which can be used to control the rolling, providing a complete rolling experience. The pen’s optional sensor will include an led to detect two-dimensional motion on the surface (palm rest area).

Will such a practical and creative surface pen be released and put into use in the near future? We don’t know, but our childhood dream has come true!