Surface Pro X new upgrade: Qualcomm and Microsoft continue to transform the mobile computing experience

By providing breakthrough performance and energy efficiency for thin and light, fanless PC devices, and introducing the best features on smartphones into mobile PCs, Qualcomm Technologies is empowering the world's leading mobile computing experience.

Together with Microsoft, we use the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ computing platform to create a Windows 10 PC with extreme mobility and cloud computing support to help digital transformation. The powerful two-in-one notebook Surface Pro X embodies the results of our innovative cooperation. Previously, it used the Microsoft SQ1 processor jointly developed by Microsoft and Qualcomm Technologies. Surface Pro X supports excellent performance, advanced 4G connectivity, and thin and portable appearance that has won wide acclaim from users.

A few days ago, Microsoft released the Surface Pro X with a new upgraded configuration, and we are very excited about it. The upgraded version of Surface Pro X uses a new generation of custom processor Microsoft SQ2 jointly developed by Qualcomm Technologies and Microsoft. With the high energy efficiency and leading technology supported by the Snapdragon computing platform, the Microsoft SQ2 processor can not only provide more powerful performance and longer battery life, but also use advanced AI acceleration, high-quality camera functions and clear audio, allowing Users can network, work and study anytime and anywhere.

The newly upgraded Surface Pro X is equipped with the Microsoft SQ2 processor, which not only continues the best features such as the smart camera experience empowered by the Snapdragon computing platform, but also uses Qualcomm's leading AI technology to implement Microsoft Eye Contact and other functions. As a Secure-core PC, Surface Pro X uses our dedicated security hardware, firmware and software features to provide enterprise-level security features. Surface Pro X meets users’ expectations of Snapdragon laptops in terms of performance, energy efficiency, and connectivity, while its enhanced AI, camera, security, and audio experience cater to people’s growing demand for PC products in modern office environments. look forward to. The reliable cellular connection supported by the Snapdragon X24 LTE modem allows the device to fully meet the user’s network connection* needs. It also makes the Surface Pro X, built on the DNA of the Snapdragon computing platform, a constantly growing always-on, always-connected PC A new product in the product line.

The special version of the professional keyboard cover has three colors of bright platinum, ice crystal blue and bobby red. Consumers and enterprise customers of Surface Pro X can also customize the appearance of the device. All keyboard covers can store the Surface ultra-thin stylus and can charge it wirelessly.

We are very happy to work with Microsoft to develop the Microsoft SQ2 custom processor and build a new upgraded Surface Pro X based on this. By using Qualcomm Technologies' cutting-edge technology to empower a breakthrough mobile computing experience, Surface Pro X embodies Microsoft's commitment to build higher-performance PC devices for consumers and enterprise customers based on the ARM architecture. The Surface Pro X equipped with the SQ2 processor is Microsoft's thinnest and most connected 2-in-1 laptop so far, capable of providing up to 15 hours of battery life. *

In addition, Microsoft also announced that it will further optimize the popular application experience on ARM-based Windows 10 devices, and will expand the Windows Insider program in November to support running x64 applications. The announcement is a supplement to Microsoft's recent expansion of its App Assure program. The Microsoft App Assure program is designed to help customers, developers, and independent software vendors (ISVs) solve the compatibility of Windows 10 applications based on the ARM architecture. Problem service, and for qualified customers, no additional costs will be incurred. Please refer to Brad Anderson's blog or press releases issued by Qualcomm Technologies for the above application assurance plan.

* A PC that is always connected requires a network connection, and a Gigabit LTE connection requires the support of a compatible network. Battery life varies based on settings, usage, and other factors.

Qualcomm Snapdragon and Qualcomm AI technologies are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.