Suspected Huawei P40 Pro real machine appeared in the subway: hyperbolic dual-hole full screen

The subway is the venue for the second launch of the new phone. Previously, Xiaomi, Honor, Samsung and other new machines have been exposed on the subway in advance. This time, suspected Huawei P40 Pro real machine also appeared in the subway.

The blogger @ 数码 闲聊 站 has revealed the real device suspected of Huawei P40 Pro. From the exposure view, Huawei P40 Pro has a dual-curved, dual-hole full-screen design, where the dual holes are located in the upper left corner of the screen; the back of the fuselage is protected by a protective shell Wrapped, so it's not clear how the rear cameras are arranged. However, the front fuselage design is basically consistent with the previously exposed renderings.

According to previous reports, the Huawei P40 Pro rear camera module has a total of five lenses, one of which is a periscope telephoto camera, certified by Leica. The focal range covers the equivalent 18mm-240mm. The longest focal length is about It is 10 times the standard wide angle, and can achieve a zoom range of more than 13 times between ultra wide angle and telephoto.


According to Yu Chengdong earlier, Huawei P40 / Pro will be released in France in March 2020, and the design of the P40 series will be "unprecedented." Yu Chengdong also said that the Huawei P40 series will be sold in Europe through conventional sales channels, and the system P40 series will continue to use the Android-based EMUI operating system.

In the core configuration, the P40 Pro is equipped with a Kirin 990 5G chip. It is rumored that the P40 Pro is equipped with a customized 52 million main camera (1 / 1.33 inch outsole).