Suspected Mi 11 "Super Cup" Rendering Exposure Full Business Range in Four Colors Available

According to previous news, Xiaomi will release a variety of new phones in February, including Xiaomi 11 Big Cup, Xiaomi 11 Super Big Cup and Xiaomi 10 new version. As February approaches, there are more and more news about these new machines on the Internet, especially about the appearance of the Mi 11 Big Cup series.

疑似小米11 Pro渲染图曝光(图源微博)
Suspected Mi 11 Pro renderings exposed (Source Weibo)

So far, there have been a lot of revelations that Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro uses a matrix camera design, with four cameras of uniform size on the rear, arranged symmetrically in two rows. However, unlike the current common matrix camera design, the flash of the Mi 11 Pro is on the right side of the camera, which is equivalent to a rectangular horizontal position, and the recognition is good.

Mi 11 series of new renderings exposed (Source Weibo)

It is worth mentioning that on January 26, a new rendering of the Mi 11 series was exposed online. The rendering is consistent with the information displayed by most of the previous reports. It is a horizontal matrix design with four rear cameras. However, the camera design details are quite different. This time, the exposed rear camera module of the new machine is more square and looks more commercial. The four lenses are arranged in two rows. The top is three lenses, including a periscope telephoto lens, which is suspected to support 120x zoom; the bottom is another camera and flash. The phone is available in four colors: black, white, silver and blue. Compared with the previously exposed renderings, it is more textured, perhaps the Xiaomi Mi 11 super cup.