Suspected Xiaomi 11 running score exposure: equipped with the Snapdragon 875 flagship

Just the day before yesterday, a blogger blew up Xiaomi’s new machine in the well-known running site Geekbench’s running score chart. From the parameters, the model is equipped with the upcoming Snapdragon 875 processor. And the big probability of this processor is Xiaomi’s next-generation flagship new machine. Judging from Geekbench’s running score, Xiaomi’s model is M2012K11C single-core running score 1105 and multi-core running score 3512. And the phone source code appeared in the Adreno 660 GPU words also hammered that this is the Snapdragon 875 processor no doubt. According to the source, the Snapdragon 875 will be replaced by Samsung. Is it possible for Xiaomi to put the debut of the Dragon 875 on MIX4?