Suspected Xiaomi Mi 10 real machine spy photos exposure: using a digging hyperboloid screen design

On January 20, although Xiaomi has not yet confirmed the release date of the upcoming Xiaomi 10 series, there are already suspected Xiaomi 10 series real machines exposed on the Internet. The front appearance of this phone is very similar to the previous renderings. In addition to the real machine, the box of this series of mobile phones also appeared.

Suspected Xiaomi 10 series real machine (Original picture taken from Weibo)

As previously exposed, this phone is equipped with a curved screen on the front, with a punched screen design, the location of the hole in the upper left corner of the screen. Also exposed is the packaging box of the mobile phone. In addition to the "10" and "5G" signs, the box is also printed with a Hi-Res gold label. It is worth noting that these two spy photos also have a photo watermark of the suspected Xiaomi 10 Pro. However, the authenticity of these two spy photos needs further official confirmation, which does not rule out the possibility of netizens' work.

According to the previously exposed configuration, the Xiaomi Mi 10 series will also be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile platform with X55 baseband to support 5G networks; although the mobile phone in the spy photos does not expose the back design, there have been previous reports that this series of phones will be equipped with 108 million Pixel four-shot combination; Xiaomi Mi 10 series will also support a 90Hz screen refresh rate for smoother operation.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G Edition will also be equipped with a SIM card compartment, a Type-C port, a microphone, and external speakers. It is worth mentioning that it will also be equipped with 65W fast charge and support the latest WiFi 6 technology.