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Huawei HMS continues to grow, with 700 million monthly live developers and over 1.6 million developers

​​​​这两年,华为正在大力发展自家的HMS业务,以取代谷歌的GMS业务,如今已经在全球范围内取得了非常不错的进展。华为终端全球月活用户达7亿,华为全球注册开发者已达160万,全球接入HMS Core的应用数量超过8.1万。 Huawei’s HMS mobile service was first announced at the HDC conference last year. At that time, there were 14 services, including 9 basic services and 5 growth services. Subsequently, Huawei continued to expand…

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What exactly is Huawei HMS service?

Huawei terminal held an online conference today to launch the annual flagship mobile phone Huawei Mate Xs and a series of new products. Compared with the few hardware products left in suspense, Huawei announced that…

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