Take a look this summer and use Find X2 Pro ultra-wide angle to record moving moments

Summer is coming to an end. Haven’t seen friends for a long time, a cancelled trip, deserted rock scene, do you have many regrets? However, if you want to appreciate the charm of summer, you don’t have to. For example, take part in the event of OPPO # this summer看开点# to see how other netizens took photos with the OPPO Find X2 Pro ultra-wide-angle lens, and see the summer under other people’s ultra-wide-angle lenses. It’s also pretty good.

It’s not uncommon for mobile phone manufacturers to initiate photography activities nowadays, and OPPO#此夏看开点# is different from other photography interactions. The photography activities of other manufacturers are less grounded and have a strong sense of psychological distance, but OPPO cuts into the user’s life scene. , To drive users to share their own works with the common sense of life, and then to output the image power of the product, so that everyone can recognize the fun of ultra-wide-angle photography.

At the same time, when you record, summer will not pass by in a hurry, not to mention that you can win prizes in this photography contest. Some netizens suddenly got inspiration for case writing after reading them, and they all want to quickly change back to OPPO, maybe Look up and look at the sky. This is the taste of summer that OPPO photography activities give us.

In addition to the participation of major netizens, the well-known photography blogger @你好_竹 also participated in the #此夏看开点# theme photography activity on the 11th, releasing 9 pictures taken with OPPO Find X2 Pro ultra-wide angle. Let’s enjoy together a group of big guys using the OPPO Find X2 Pro 48 million pixels ultra-wide-angle beautiful pictures.

From the above set of proofs, we can see that the image quality is really great. The charm of ultra-wide angle is not only a broad field of view, but also an important form of recording every moment of classic time. Make good use of the large field of view brought by the ultra-wide lens to produce more impactful proofs, which can take pictures that we could not see before, and bring more shocking visual effects.

Thanks to the comprehensive upgrade of OPPO Find X2 Pro’s imaging system, Find X2 Pro uses a 48MP wide-angle lens + 48MP ultra-wide-angle lens + 13MP periscope telephoto lens combination, super-sensing three-shot at all focal lengths, and the imaging system has broken through. Regardless of brightness, distance, movement or static, it is easy to record every moment anytime, anywhere. Of course, it is possible to shoot such a good ultra-wide-angle picture, mainly because the OPPO ultra-wide-angle material is sufficient, except for OPPO, few manufacturers use 48 million pixels for the ultra-wide-angle end. At the same time, this super wide-angle supports super night scene mode plus 1/2-inch super-large photosensitive area, and the angle reaches 120 degrees, with 4.3 times the viewfinder range, super macro and super anti-shake Pro are all presented by the 120-degree super wide-angle blessing.

If you want to make a super wide-angle blockbuster like this, it is not difficult! First you have to have a Find X2 Pro, and then turn on the ultra-wide-angle lens of the Find X2 Pro phone. When shooting, turn on the grid lines and pay attention to the composition. It is recommended to use the “three to seven points” method, which means that the foreground and the background occupy three to seven points! This will give you a great sense of spatial extension. Publish your super wide-angle photos and stories quickly!

Regarding the way to participate in # this summer look open a little # theme photography activity, the first step is to pay attention to OPPO official Weibo, and the second step is to post your ultra-wide-angle photos and stories, and bring # this summer look at the topic and @OPPO , The third step, when OPPO users take photos, remember to bring the camera watermark and small tail. At the same time, OPPO will select the works that most impress Xiao O, flop in real time and send out OPPO Enco W31 wireless noise reduction headphones. The event time is from August 10th, 2020 to August 20th, 2020. Hurry up and take your OPPO series of mobile phones to shoot the works that make OPPO Xiao O’s heart moving. Maybe you are the one who won the prize this time!