Taking into account lightness and performance, OPPO Reno Ace2 will bring you the fastest experience in the 5G era

OPPO launched Reno Ace last year. With its Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform, 90Hz refresh rate screen and 65W SuperVOOC Super Flash Charge 2.0, OPPO has become a well-deserved performance flagship, bringing users a smooth experience in the 4G era, becoming Annual "True Incense" machine.

Entering the 5G era, I believe that people will put forward higher requirements for performance and high refresh. On the basis of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, high refresh rate and fast charge will inevitably become standard for new products.

As a member of the OPPO Reno Ace series whose main focus is performance, this year's Reno Ace2 only weighs about 190g according to the news, but it uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, Sony IMX586 main camera and 65W in such a light body. Super flash charge.

Not only does it take into consideration the lightness and thinness of the fuselage, it is compatible with SA / NSA dual-mode 5G networks, but also continues the "fast" tradition of this series.

It is relatively unrealistic to put wireless charging in such a thin and light body. Moreover, the current wireless charging is not yet mature, and using a more powerful wired charging is the correct choice for this phone.

Therefore, if you want to pursue a smooth experience and have high requirements for thinness, I believe OPPO Reno Ace2 will not let you down. According to the price of Reno Ace last year, the price of the new product should still be very competitive among the 5G mobile phones on the market today, which is worth watching.

In recent years, major manufacturers have launched wireless fast charging. Among them, Huawei's P40Pro + just released is equipped with 40W wireless fast charging technology.

OPPO's father, Zhang Jialiang, also recently said that 40W wireless charging will be commercially available this year, but did not give a clear time. Considering factors such as the development cycle, related products should be able to meet us at least in the middle of the year.

OPPO has been engaged in the field of fast charging for many years, not only adding this function to its various products, but also through continuous technical iteration, it is now very mature. It can be said that flash charging technology has become a big sign of OPPO, and the wireless fast charging technology that may be launched in the second half of the year is also worth looking forward to.