Tang Yifei shows up in cross border song king with mysterious weapons to show you around the music world

On August 8, 2020, the fifth season of the large-scale music variety show “king of cross-border songs” starts as scheduled. With the fierce competition of the competition, cross-border singers compete at different levels. Ling Xiaosu and Tang Yifei, as the challenge singers, present two wonderful choral songs in this period.

Ling Xiaosu and Tang Yifei, together with Yu Yi, bring an adapted song “if there is no you”. The old Shanghai style voice is used to interpret the tangle and bitterness of love. The immersed singing performance of the three is sublimated, and the most sorrowful single acacia is deduced with clever stage design. The music critics showed their full appreciation and love for the chorus, saying that the sound level and performance of the three showed their respective characters’ personalities, and also showed their tacit cooperation. “Ling Xiaosu has made great progress in this period, but somehow he can find the rhythm.” Tang Yifei’s voice is so unique that he likes this kind of low voice!

After watching their stage performance, Xiaobian said that Tang Yifei’s voice really poked Xiaobian’s heart. As an actress, why did she sing so well?

The secret is it!

By exploring the background of TV programs, we found that Tang Yifei used the voice song request function to a machine, and then practiced singing. It turned out that it was a high-end karaoke speaker of the sound of nature double brand created by national karaoke and French divaret.

“The sound quality is good, and the fidelity of sound is also very high.” Tang Yifei said that he likes singing very much in private, and he can’t go to karaoke to sing. Therefore, he can use this kind of karaoke sound system at home to help him practice his songs and create good songs, so that he can fight for more opportunities to show himself.

It also has different sound effects to choose from, including: popular, live, light, classic, soothing, five sound effects. Under the background of the concert sound effect, Tang Yifei’s sound quality can be said to bring its own high point.

The appearance of the time singing machine is exquisite and perfectly integrates the light of acoustic technology of devialet, the world’s top audio brand. It reflects the supporting innovation ability of national karaoke entertainment system, and brings an extraordinary sound journey for users’ karaoke experience.

Through the inside story of Xiaobian Damo, we know that Tang Yifei only shows a small part of the machine’s functions, more highlights and what remains. You can imagine what a high-quality product this is!

The first-class singing effect, perfect sound quality and top-notch audio equipment will become the inevitable choice for countless singing lovers. After all, there’s nothing like singing a song with feeling that makes us appreciate the joy of singing better.

With it, the next “cross-border singer” is you!