TCL participated in the 8th China electronic information Expo

On August 14, the 8th China electronic information Expo (cite2020) opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The three-day China Electronics Expo will be presented in the form of five exhibitions, covering various hot topics of the electronic information industry chain.

TCL, a big country brand, brings all kinds of products to the exhibition. TCL exhibition area is located in hall 1 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, covering an area of 780 square meters. Wang Cheng, CEO of TCL industry and TCL electronics, attended the keynote forum of 2020 China International Display Industry Conference held at the same time, and brought a wonderful keynote speech of “smart display – new opportunities in 5g era”.

As a leader in the display industry, TCL has won two awards in cite2020. TCL x9 8K qled TV won the Gold Award in the 8th China electronic information Expo, and TCL China Star optoelectronics 75 inch 8K star Yao screen won the Innovation Award. Both of these are TCL’s heavyweight products.


TCL x9 8K qled TV is a consumer grade 8K product, equipped with 8K resolution screen, and a complete set of 8K solutions such as 8K chip, 8K interface and 8K algorithm can give full play to the display effect of this 8K screen. When playing ultra high definition video, the picture details are rich and delicate, and feel more details.

Besides 8K, TCL x9 8K qled TV adopts qled primary color quantum dot screen panel, which has three advantages: high color gamut, pure color and long color. The screen covers 157% of the ultra-high color gamut, supports 1 billion colors, and can restore the color of each picture more accurately.

TCL x9 8K qled TV is also equipped with Galaxy multi partition optical engine, which can identify different scenes and details through AI algorithm, and adjust the color details and light and shade changes in each region, so as to effectively improve the overall details and level sense of the picture. At the same time, it is equipped with natural light, anti blue light, environmental light sense and all-round MEMC eye protection technology, which can protect eyes’ health without dragging shadow and shaking.

The audio effect is also related to the viewing experience. TCL x9 8K qled TV adopts independent sound bar design. It is a famous Onkyo audio system. It has 8 units and 10 channels of professional hardware configuration. It is equipped with Q sound quality engine and supports Dolby panoramic sound. It can provide cinema level immersive sound field experience and enjoy both audio and video.

TCL csot 75 inch 8K star Yao screen

TCL csot 75 inch 8K star Yao screen adopts new mini LED backlight display scheme, which is also an important product direction in the future. The 75 inch 8K star Yao screen of TCL csot has added 5000 area dynamic dimming, with ultra-high brightness, 1000000:1 contrast, HDR support, and more perfect display of light and dark details.

LED high luminous efficiency with mled 5000 area dynamic dimming, TCL csot 75 inch 8K star Yao screen can not only provide excellent display effect, but also reduce power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. The screen covers 100% NTSC gamut with a resolution of 7680 × 4320. The color performance and delicacy of the screen reach a very high level, bringing visual enjoyment to users.

Both of the above two products can, to a certain extent, represent TCL’s strength in the display field and the future product layout direction. In his speech at the forum, Wang Cheng, CEO of TCL industry and TCL electronics, also pointed out that 5g will bring revolutionary promotion to the display industry. With its advantages in the field of communication and display, TCL takes the lead in laying out high-quality display, real-time interaction, intelligent office and other application scenarios, and tries and explores with smart display as the core, so as to prepare for the competition of new track. In the future, TCL will actively promote the development and application of new display technologies, materials and processes such as mini led and micro led.

In the 8th China Electronics and information Expo, divided into TCL x9 8K qled TV and TCL X10 qled 8K Besides TV, 100x6c giant screen TV and other 75 + large screen matrix and TCL · XESS rotating smart screen, TCL also displays several major categories of Star Ice washing products, such as “know your super speed refrigeration machine”, “know your classification cleaning expert”, “understand your smart soft wind air conditioner”, etc. interested friends can go to Shenzhen from August 14 to 16 Learn more about TCL exhibition area in hall 1 of the Convention and Exhibition Center.