TCL releases 5g 8K smart screen new product, taking the lead in layout of new track

On August 18, TCL held a new release conference of TCL 5g 8K smart screen, at which two TCL 5g 8K smart screen products were launched. The launch of TCL 5g 8K smart screen includes 8K mled 75×10 5g and 8K qled 85×9 5g. The prices are 53999 yuan (USD $7714) and 63999 yuan (USD $9143) respectively.

On the basis of 8K TV, TCL 5g 8K smart screen has added 5g function. Only one 5g card can enjoy the super fast 5g network. In this way, the network problem can be well solved, and it will not be restricted by WiFi network like traditional TV.

Through the combination of 5g + 8K, TCL 5g 8K smart screen brings brand-new use scenarios, endows TCL 5g 8K smart screen with more significance and explores more application scenarios in 5g era. At present, Shenzhen has achieved full coverage of 5g independent networking, and promoting the development of 5g industry will be the next priority. TCL takes the lead in exploring 5g + 8K scenario, which can seize this “outlet” and bring greater possibility.

The new product of TCL 5g 8K smart screen is equipped with 8K ultra high definition screen, and has a complete set of 8K solutions such as 8K chip, 8K interface and 8K algorithm. It gives full play to 8K display characteristics and brings clear and delicate display effect. TCL 5g 8K smart screen supports primary color quantum dot technology, equipped with Q image quality engine, anqiao panoramic sound system, etc. among them, the 8K mled smart screen 75x105g also adopts the leading mled technology, which can provide the ultimate video and audio experience.

In addition to the ultimate audio-visual experience, how to give the large screen more application scenarios is the focus of this new product. With the support of 5g, TCL 5g 8K smart screen brings rich 5g application scenarios. Through the high-speed 5g network, TCL 5g 8K smart screen can realize 8K video online playback and enjoy 8K Ultra HD video experience at any time.

TCL 5g 8K smart screen also has built-in TCL cloud game ecosystem. In the Tianyi cloud game zone of TCL 5g 8K smart screen, you can play 3A games without downloading. Cloud games have high requirements on network bandwidth and delay. 5g network can change all these, reduce network restrictions and improve cloud game experience. TCL 5g 8K smart screen makes the window of game presentation more beautiful.

The TCL 5g 8K smart screen equipped with lifting camera can also realize high-definition video call, support real-time interactive AI fitness, smart classroom, etc., which are the scenes explored around the user experience and inject strong vitality into the large screen.  

In fact, the new product of TCL 5g 8K smart screen is a product built around 5g + 8K. 5g era will have an important impact on large screen, give more possibilities to large screen, let large screen with single function play a greater role and cover more daily application scenarios, which can bring new experience to users.

From the newly released TCL 5g 8K smart screen, we can see that with the blessing of 5g + 8K, TCL 5g 8K smart screen has already brought us a completely different experience, and there are bound to be more application scenarios in the future. These are all worthy of our expectation, which is also the charm of 5g + 8K.