Tech twins fight the epidemic: Xiaomi and Huawei show their hard power

At the beginning of the new year of 2020, the new crown epidemic emerged suddenly, from daily life to travel, from returning to work after the year to returning to school, the original peaceful New Year atmosphere was covered with a veil of panic.

Facing the challenge of the epidemic, it can ensure that such a billion people will be in danger and will be better in the face of the epidemic. In addition to the white soldiers who are not afraid of risks, the people ’s police will be reckless, the community officials will watch day and night, and the masses will actively cooperate. It is also inseparable from the strong leadership of the government.

During the epidemic, although everyone self-prevented and isolated at home, with the support of major domestic technology and Internet companies, we still felt a warmth of spring in the severe winter. Ali Jingdong eased everyone's shopping needs. Tencent and Sina let everyone live Understand the changes in the epidemic situation, Meituan and Hema, everyone can eat fresh vegetables every day without leaving home.

Xiaomi and Huawei, the domestic technology twins, bear the brunt of this critical moment and played their due roles.

Directors of various exhibitions

Facing the new crown epidemic during the New Year, Xiaomi and Huawei, as the current domestic technology twins, are fighting the epidemic in their own way.

As a company with many roots in Wuhan, Xiaomi launched an aid operation in Wuhan at the beginning of the epidemic. Not only did a batch of materials such as N95 masks, medical masks and thermometers be urgently mobilized and arrived in Wuhan at noon on the New Year's Day.

Huawei launched the Vulcan Hill 5G base station on January 25, enabling high-speed data access to the Internet, providing a hardware foundation for data collection, remote consultation and remote monitoring.

According to statistics, the total donation of Xiaomi Group and the company ’s chairman and CEO Lei Jun alone has reached RMB 43.18 million, and Xiaomi Group and its related enterprises have donated a total of 10 million yuan.

Xiaomi Group, Xishanju and Yunmi continued to donate a large number of materials to Wuhan Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon Hospital, including 1750 Xiaomi tablet computers, air purifiers, infrared thermometers, walkie-talkies and automatic phone washing for remote video viewing systems. And other products.

Another technology giant, Huawei, is also actively taking action. In addition to donating money, Huawei also completed the entire construction process from network planning, survey, design and construction to fiber optic cable laying, rack design exhibition, and commissioning in 31 days. In the evening, in cooperation with China Telecom, the first "remote consultation platform" network laying and equipment debugging of Vulcan Mountain Hospital was completed. If Vulcan Mountain is a key step in fighting the epidemic in Wuhan, Huawei is a participant in this step.

The same route, it is the participation of world-class technology giants such as Xiaomi and Huawei that ensured that the epidemic was basically controlled and alleviated in two months, although the two technology giants' participation methods were in different directions .

Tech Duo in Different Directions

Here I have to mention that Xiaomi's ability to mobilize so many rescue supplies at such a fast time. Thanks to the advantages of Xiaomi's ecological chain, Xiaomi's ecological chain enterprises including Zimi, Zhimi, and Jiu'an Medical have been carried out. Unified and coordinated command can ensure efficient and orderly deployment of materials in epidemic prevention and control.

As a company that was established only in 2011, Xiaomi began implementing the industrial ecological layout as early as 2013, and determined the goal of investing in 100 ecological chain companies within 5 years. Three years of successful incubation of 77 companies in different fields, and relying on the new retail model and relatively reasonable prices, many companies have annual sales of more than 100 million.

In addition to the original main business Xiaomi mobile phone, Xiaomi currently has ecological chain companies such as Mijia for the Internet of Things, and Zimi, which helps users to quickly and easily charge mobile phones. It also directly invested in eight semiconductor companies a while ago.

As of today, Xiaomi has more than 200 eco-chain companies. They are all around smart, mobile, communication and other different fields, and they are all exporting good quality products at low prices for users. With the development of these companies, Xiaomi is no longer a simple smart phone brand, but covers multiple categories such as mobile phones, TVs, communications, home appliances and daily necessities, and has become one of the first choices for many young consumers.

On February 13, Xiaomi even released its first annual flagship Xiaomi 10 series mobile phone through a pure online live broadcast, which directly impacted the domestic high-end mobile phone market and chose to release new products at this time. No doubt Xiaomi was taking a huge Risk, but also because Xiaomi dared to take risks, in this depressed winter, it activated the originally sluggish mobile phone market, driving multiple domestic supply chain industries, including screens, and driving recovery after the epidemic. The resumption of production and production also provides a wealth of experience for the domestic technology industry in the face of emergencies, how to maintain a virtuous cycle and production.

As another giant in the domestic communications and mobile phone industry, Huawei is a self-developed representative. At present, most Huawei mobile phones are using their own Hisilicon chip, which can provide excellent performance and network connection experience. At the same time, the processor of Huawei's user smart TV was also used in its own smart screens and smart set-top boxes, providing the necessary hardware foundation for hundreds of millions of people to understand the epidemic at home.

In addition, the 5G network construction plan provided by Huawei also played an important role in the fight against this epidemic, from the small-scale Vulcan Mountain and the Raytheon Mountain Hospital's 5G network construction to the design and construction of basic communication networks at home and abroad.

Coincidentally, during the epidemic, Huawei also released 5G folding screen mobile phone Huawei Mate Xs, notebooks and other 5G related products at home and abroad in the form of online live broadcast.

As two domestic smartphones and communications companies, although Xiaomi and Huawei have different development directions and concepts, they are promoting the development of domestic related industries in their own ways, and they have injected new information into the industry during the epidemic. vitality.

The epidemic will end, but Huawei and Xiaomi will not stop

The first mobile phone industry research institute director Sun Yandi previously said that the impact of the epidemic is objective and not limited to smartphones and communications. The industry is bound to face short-term and temporary difficulties.

On the other hand, we must also see that it is precisely because of industry leaders such as Xiaomi and Huawei that they can combine the advantages of technology, channels, services and brands, and transform their advantages into rising power under special times and difficulties. Power, leading the industry to overcome short-term difficulties, I believe that it will definitely bring more vitality to the industry after the epidemic is over.

With the reduction of new cases, the current domestic epidemic situation has been brought under control, and resumption of labor and production has gradually begun. As Lei Jun said before, "Our lives can be affected by the epidemic, but we cannot be defeated by the epidemic." This is not only the insistence of Lei Jun and Xiaomi, but also the aspirations of many technology companies such as Xiaomi and Huawei, and it will also be a portrayal of our lives after the epidemic.

The epidemic will eventually pass, and normal work, study and life are coming.