Telecom terminal insights report released, Huawei has overwhelmed Qunfang as optimistic TOP1

On January 19th, China Telecom officials recently released the second full Netcom terminal satisfaction report for 2019 to the public. The report shows that among major mobile phone brands, Huawei's optimism is far ahead.

China Telecom Mobile Terminal Research and Test Center released this month's terminal insights report on the major hot-selling models listed in China from July to December 2019, including Samsung, Apple, Huawei, vivo, and OPPO. Mobile phone brands.

In the table of the most satisfactory TOP3 models released by Telecom, we can see that Samsung W20 5G mobile phone ranks first in the price range of mobile phones above 8000 yuan (USD $1143) with a satisfaction of up to 88.5, while iPhone 11 Pro Max follows closely with 85.1 satisfaction. After that. In the price range of 5,000 to 7999 yuan (USD $1143) , Huawei's Mate30 Pro 5G mobile phone overpowered the iPhone 11 with a score of 87.4 to become the champion in this price range. From the perspective of the number of satisfaction champions in the price segment alone, the vivo brand has won the first three winners in the price segments of 3500-4999, 2500-3499 and 1000-1499 with its mobile phones.

In addition, Telecom also released a survey report on the optimism of mainstream brands of channel personnel. The data collection time began in the first half of 2017 and ended in the second half of 2019. Channel staff are optimistic about the degree. From the report, we can see that Huawei is far ahead of other brands with a 90% optimism and has maintained it for two years. It is a well-deserved optimism TOP1.

What more can you tell from the insights report?

(Edit: Zou Anqi)