Ten generations of Core processor combat power increase Machenike mechanics full range of product upgrades

On April 2, Machenike Machinist “has“ ten ”power, positive front” online new product experience meeting was officially launched. The live broadcast room released a fully upgraded fighter and brought a number of new product debuts. The biggest highlight of this live broadcast is the release of a new product equipped with the new 10th generation Intel® Core ™ H series mobile processors. The new generation of processors is designed to meet the extreme mobile performance needs of high-end gamers, performance enthusiasts and other users. Bring strong and stable computing performance, excellent display performance and rich connection performance to users. As one of the important partners of Intel PC, mechanics integrate their own technology and design concepts to make the most of the high performance of Intel® Core ™ H series mobile processors.

10th Generation Intel® Core ™ Processor Live Experience

In this live broadcast, the 10th generation Intel® Core ™ processor hard core was launched, which is another subversive upgrade experience for the gaming experience. Among them, the three upgrade points that received much attention, the first 5GHz, high frequency , High win rate, set off a new era of gaming 5GHz. The second 8-core 16-thread, not peak, no angle. The new i7-10875H brings 8 cores to the i7 series; the third 2933MHz, 10th generation Core processor platform compatible memory frequency has been increased from 2666MHz to 2933MHz. The increase of Turbo frequency and memory rating is a direct parameter to directly improve the performance of the processor. The addition of multi-core i7 will inevitably improve the efficiency of multi-tasking. From the perspective of user use, it is a great upgrade!

Ten generations of new products of “giant screen micro edge” take the lead, hard-verified to conquer the audience

Machenike Machinist’s entire line of products will be upgraded this time, equipped with a new generation of hard-core CPU, competing for peak performance. First of all, the leading product in the live broadcast room is the [Battle Air] F117-FPlus, which is a 17.3-inch giant screen micro-edge product released by Machenike mechanics in 2019. In addition to upgrading to the new Intel 10th generation Core processor The graphics card is equipped with Nvidia RTX Super high-end graphics card, topped with blood and supplemented by the newly upgraded violent bear liquid metal heat conduction. The live broadcast scene was dubbed by the King of Pigs as “affordable copy”, and the dessert-grade fighter “by air” T58- V also brings a new metal ID upgrade, the texture spikes all fighters.

Focus on the scene to create a full-scenario application experience in e-sports

After officially releasing the 5M (M-Gaming, M-Design, M-Care, M-Box, M-Life) scenario strategy in 2019, all the products of the mechanics are focused on the scene to deepen and expand. This online experience will move the e-sports and design scenes to the live broadcast site. In the M-Gaming gaming scene, the “Fighting Air” series F117-V, and the wireless keyboard and mouse CP-K7 wireless mechanical keyboard + M7 wireless competition mouse, form a “dazzling sky group”.

In the M-Design creative design scene on the other side, the new dual-powered F117-BPro live studio debut was ushered in, with a thickness of 19.9mm and a weight of only 1.8kg, taking into account lightness and performance. Open.

“E-sports health” re-energizes, opening up big health care mode on site

In addition to the “Gangbang” battle staged by the ten generations of new products, the live-streaming interaction is also full of highlights. The founder of the industry’s big pen, Pig King, personally went to experience the mechanic’s neck massager. The exclusive magic of patented technology “music rhythm massage” shouted “too comfortable” at the scene. There are also pocket portable massage stickers MH300 live show debut, MINI size less than 125px immediately triggered a barrage frenzy.

“Ten” force, just frontal

A live broadcast experience meeting, a product show that can be just right, and an online product live experience for more than two hours, not only staged a really strong performance test, but also brought a change of tide. “Ten” force new product show, e-sports healthy heavy new product debut. A word does not close to the actual measurement, the big coffee town speaks with data, it is definitely the pioneer representative of hardcore live broadcast in the industry.

Machenike mechanics have also been standing at the forefront of the industry, keeping a constant search for high-performance experiences. In the future, through close cooperation with Intel, we will continue to explore new demand for the gaming PC market, and build one strong gaming PC after another, so that gamers can enjoy digital entertainment.