Ten generations of i7 + RTX2060 blessings! Mechanic "Fighting Air" F117-V26 starts at 7699 yuan (USD $1100)

As the flagship e-sports gaming book for mechanics, the F117-V series has had a good performance in the market in recent years. With its excellent performance release and appearance design, it has attracted many gamers’ pursuit. The tenth-generation mobile processor, the mechanic [Battlefield] F117-V26 flagship e-sports game book has also been updated accordingly, the standard configuration is i7-10750H + RTX2060 combination, of which the official standard i7-10750H + 8G + 512G + RTX2060 version discount After only 7699 yuan (USD $1100) , if you want to experience the game world after opening the light chase, the mechanic [Fighting Air] F117-V26 will be a good choice.

Product link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1-bs.w16608505-22381077863.4.6b5779c8AT2EZQ&id=614907381873&skuId=4361714933844


In addition to the official standard version, the mechanic [Fighting Space] F117-V26 also provides three other configurations, namely 8G + 512G solid state + 1TB machinery; 16G + 512G solid state + 1TB machinery; 32G + 512G solid state + 2TB machinery, activities The prices are 8099 yuan (USD $1157) , 8599 yuan (USD $1228) and 9399 yuan (USD $1343) .

In addition, the mechanic [Fighting Space] F117-V26 also has a 144Hz e-sports version, corresponding to the above four configurations, the event prices are 7999 yuan (USD $1143) , 8499 yuan (USD $1214) , 8999 yuan (USD $1286) and 9799 yuan (USD $1400) .


The mechanic [Fighting Air] F117-V26 has a high degree of appearance recognition. The A side uses a metal brushed anode process. After 27 processes of tempering, there is the mechanic ’s iconic blue mechanical heart in the middle, and the triangle is blue on both sides. The light strips, the cooling holes on both sides of the back of the fuselage are equipped with independent RGB smart atmosphere lights. The whole machine incorporates a lot of three-dimensional line design to make it look extraordinarily tough. At the same time, the 22mm thick body has good portability.

On the screen, the mechanic [Battle of the Air] F117-V26 is equipped with a 15.6-inch screen, the screen, left and right borders are only 6mm, the screen ratio is up to 81%, and the 144Hz refresh rate + 72% NTSC color gamut version is optional. Players bring a silky and smooth game experience, and at the same time, 170 ° viewing angle and A + non-bright display, satisfy the picky psychology of perfectionism.


Mechanics equipped with GeForce RTX 2060 graphics cards [Battle of the Air] F117-V26 also supports ray tracing technology. After DLSS2.0 is turned on, it not only ensures the quality of the picture but also improves the smoothness of the game.

In terms of heat dissipation, the mechanic [Zhankong] F117-V26 uses a 12V PWM low-noise cooling fan, an 8mm-diameter cooling copper tube 3 + 3 surround layout, plus a large-area tiled copper uniform heat plate and copper cooling fins The linkage of the tablets, combined with the 50% large area air intake hole of the bottom shell, can quickly discharge the heat of the fuselage. In addition, it supports one-click to turn on the strong cooling mode, so that the player can always keep running at a very high speed when running 3A masterpiece without overheating and frequency reduction. .


The mechanic [Battle Air] F117-V26 is equipped with both internal and external features. With the powerful hard core combination of i7-10750H + RTX2060 as standard, it can play the current mainstream large-scale games, screen refresh rate, memory and hard disk All have multiple combinations, players can choose the configuration that suits them according to their needs, and interested players can go to the mechanic Tmall flagship store, which is currently in the discount period.