Tencent and Harman reach a strategic cooperation to jointly build an integrated intelligent cabin

On January 7, 2020ces, Tencent and Harman announced a strategic cooperation to jointly build an integrated intelligent cockpit. Both parties will integrate the core technologies and products of tai3.0 ecological vehicle networking newly released by Tencent on the smart cabin platform of Harman, so as to bring consumers a safe, convenient and seamless human travel experience connected with daily life.

Tencent and Harman reach strategic cooperation

Tai3.0 is a new version released by Tencent car service in this CES, which includes two major ecological Internet of vehicles applications: “Tencent accompanying” and “interesting listening”. On the smart cockpit platform of Harman, Tencent accompanies the audience with a complete and smooth demonstration of its rich application scenarios: through full duplex voice technology, as well as multi service parallel use and one-step direct interaction architecture, efficient and safe interaction mode is realized to reduce the risk of distracted driving. Through the connection of super ID and senseless payment, users can experience seamless and coherent services between mobile phones, car phones and other multiple devices. Through the wechat car version of full voice interaction, users can communicate safely on the road. Based on the scene perception of LBS, body sensor, time and space, safe and natural service recommendation is provided on the way of users’ travel, so that the service can be accompanied.

Demonstration car on the spot

Zhong Xiangping, vice president of Tencent, said: & ldquo; Harman has many years of technical advantages and expertise in the fields of Zhilian automobile, auto audio, Zhilian technology, etc. It is hoped that the Harman intelligent cockpit with the new generation of tai3.0 will bring to consumers as soon as possible. The cooperation between Tencent and Harman will produce synergy effect and help more automobile manufacturers to provide more intelligent, humanized and scenario services for different market segments. ”

Mr. Jin jiejie, chairman and President of Harman international North East Asia and greater China, said: & ldquo; Harman is committed to providing users around the world with a good driving experience of smart alliance. We are very pleased to cooperate with Tencent, China’s leading Internet value-added service provider, and combine the technical expertise of both sides to develop a real smart joint solution & mdash; & mdash; end-to-end smart cockpit platform, so that more drivers and passengers can benefit. With Tencent’s huge application product ecosystem, Harman will be able to effectively integrate massive resources and intelligent vehicle communication, bringing more intelligent and personalized travel service experience to Chinese customers. ”