Tesla admits design flaws: Model 3 can easily cause bumpers to fall off after passing a puddle

According to reports, Tesla recently admitted that its Model 3 has a design problem that may cause the rear bumper of the body to fall off when the vehicle passes through a puddle.

Previously, there have been multiple reports that Model 3 owners complained that the rear bumper of the vehicle fell off during heavy rain or when passing through a puddle. This situation is obviously abnormal, and Tesla said it would investigate the situation, but the automaker has never raised the matter since.

Later, it was reported that a design flaw in Model 3 would cause water and sand to enter and accumulate under the car. Eric Bolduc is the owner of a car body anti-corrosion service shop in Quebec that specializes in servicing Tesla vehicles. He recorded and explained this defect in detail. He believed that this defect would give the Model 3. The rear bumper brings pressure.

He believes that this problem is directly related to the rear bumper falling off. He said that many Tesla Model 3 owners have encountered this problem. This time, Tesla still said that it will investigate and study this defect, but the company has not yet given an official statement.

Earlier this year, a video suddenly became popular. In the video, when a Model 3 passed through a puddle, the rear bumper suddenly fell off. And it was this video that finally allowed Tesla to admit that the Model 3 produced before May 21, 2019 had design flaws that might cause the bumper to fall off.

Tesla stated: “In rare cases, certain parts of Model 3 vehicles produced at the Fremont plant between May 21, 2019 were driven on roads or highways with poor drainage or water. , Damage may occur. In these rare cases, the rear bumper may separate from the vehicle, and the wiring harness and/or body fasteners/brackets may also be damaged. This document explains the damage caused under these conditions, It belongs to the scope of the vehicle warranty."

This policy applies to all Model 3 vehicles that were shipped before May 2019. After May of that year, Tesla changed the design of the rear bumper, so the vehicle no longer has this problem. Tesla said it will provide consumers with repairs in accordance with the warranty policy.